3 Year Spiritual and Social Development

With the brain continues to mature in the third year, your toddler will be able to understand the concepts such as before / after, equal/opposite and more/less.

He can recognize a friend by name as of the 34th month. Some kids can make an imaginary friend and name him. You can continue 2-3 sentences chats; your toddler will be able to chat with you in this age mutually. However, at the end of this age, he may even mis-pronounce some words. This can last up to 5 or 6 years old and is normal.

The word that your child uses the most during this year is “Why? Why? Why?” Try not to lose your patience, even if this sometimes infuriates you, because this is an important development step for your child, because this is an important development step for your child, and it is very important for learning something and recording the cause-effect relationship. The fact that he asks this question so much also shows that your child is curious and determined, and that should be something that will make you proud.

In the 3rd year, your child will be able to recognize the people he has met before, and will be able to remember the places you have gone and the events you have previously done. When you talk about these things you can understand that he remebers.

The third year is also the year that your child will face many difficulties and will face many disappointments. Because your child who sets goals for himself does not yet have the skills to reach them, which can lead him to disappointment and anger attacks. It will also be one of your important duties throughout this year to help your child to cope with their emotions, and to help your child overcome these rage and frustration attacks by calming him down. On the other hand, there will be eternal happiness-filled moments that he will tell you that he loves you.

Your child was in the phase of parallel play until this year, meaning he could play side by side, not together with other children who are playing, but from now on he would move forward as a further stage of socialization. At this age when he will learn how to play with other children, you should try to let him join in short play groups and music workshops.

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