13-16 Week


Starting from the 13th week, your baby has entered into the 2nd trimester. It has reached the size of a plum with a height of 8-10 cm and a weight of 25-30 g. Its head is approximately 1/3 of its body. It swallows the fluid that it swims in and then excretes it as urine. Intraoral structures, salivary glands and tasting buds on the tongue start to form. The eyes which were separate from each other move to their usual places. If your baby is a girl, there are more than 2 million eggs in her ovaries. At the 14th week, your baby has reached a height of 9-11 cm and a weight of 45-55 g. Its reflexes for respiration, swallow and sucking have developed. Its heart rate is twice the heart rate of an adult. You can see your baby sucking its thumb who starts to resemble a normal human being gradually. At the 15th week, your baby has reached the size of an apple with a height over 10 cm and a weight of 50-70 g. While permanent hairs start to form, thin hairs called lanugo start to cover its whole body. These thin hairs that serve to protect the baby from the fluid that it surrounds it disappear during birth or just after birth. The bones of the internal ear harden and hearing function becomes more distinct. At the 16th week, you baby reaches a height of 11-12 cm and a weight of 80-85 g. Sense of taste forms, eyebrows and eyelashes become prominent and hairs start to grow. You may feel the first movements of the baby starting from this week.


In the 4th month of the pregnancy the developed organs of the baby start to grow and mature. Its biggest part is the head, however its body start to grow and start to reduce the difference between the sizes. Gains weight rapidly and becomes bigger. In this month, the development of the nervous system of the baby continues. It starts to feel the external stimulus, retreats when you apply pressure on your abdomen. Its face continue to take shape during this period, the ears takes their positions at the sides of the head, its chin and eyes become prominent. Its neck lengthens. Hairs start to grow. At the end of the fourth month, the height of the fetus is approximately 15 cm and its weight is approximately 100 g.

You feel that your uterus is getting bigger; your expanding uterus fills the pelvis and rises in your abdomen. You may feel that it is getting bigger just like a soft ball. If you could not gain weight in the previous month due to nausea,   you may gain weight now since you will start to feel better now. You may start to wear maternity wear. Lying down on your left side will ease your circulation. In addition, if you feel that the vessels in your legs are more swollen, you may wear supportive socks. You may extend your legs while sitting down, or hold them high with the help of a pouf or a chair. Your intestines may start to function slower. It is good for you to take precautions against constipation by eating goods like fruits and vegetables that are rich in fibers and drinking plenty of water. In addition, exercise will be helpful against constipation and also in supporting your circulation. Your doctor may request some blood tests during the control that will be performed in this month to check for the health of your baby against some hereditary diseases.

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