17-20 Week


At the 17th week, your baby has a height of 13-14 cm and a weight of 140 g. Its genital organs can be observed with ultrasound more prominently. Its permanent and temporary teeth have formed. Fingerprints start to form. Its digestive system has developed and the first intestinal wastes called meconium has started to form. While subcutaneous adipose layer start to thicken, your baby starts to gain weight rapidly. Though its eyelids are still closed, it can sense the light. In the 18th week, your baby has a height of 15 cm and a weight of 200 g. Myelin sheath starts to form around the nerves. Ear functions have been completed and can hear the sounds. You may start to feel the movements of your baby more specifically starting from this week. In the 19th week your baby has a height of 18 cm and a weight of 210-220 g. The baby’s skin is covered with a waxy structure called vernix coseosa. The vernix protects the baby from the negative effects of the amniotic fluid that is found within. Its movements have increased, hairs grow. At the 20th week, your baby has completed the midway of his/her journey. He/she has a height of 19-20 cm and an approximate weight of 250 g. He/she approximately has the size of a banana. His/her sensory organs develop well and may react to sounds. You may feel the hiccups of the baby during this week.


In the 5th month of pregnancy, the skin of the baby is covered with hairs. These hairs may persist till birth and they generally fall off during the first week following birth. In addition, your baby’s skin is covered with a whitish colored substance like cream cheese. This substance protects your baby’s skin that contacts with the amnion fluid for an extended period. In addition, your baby starts to gain weight, adipose tissue forms. This forming adipose tissue supports the production of heat and metabolism. Your baby can move its developing muscles during this month and you may feel its movements. Your baby yawns, stretches, kicks, moves its face. Its taste buds form and start to differentiate bitter and sweet tastes. It swallows the fluid that it is found within, it can even hiccup. Its eyes sense light, its ears hear sounds. It may turn its back to strong lights and cover its ears in the presence of high pitched voices. At the end of the fifth month, your baby approximately has a height of 15 cm and a weight of 250 g. You may realize that you get up an appetite and gain weight rapidly. You notice  your abdomen and uterus are getting bigger. At the end of the 5th month, your uterus rises to the level of your belly. In the ultrasonographic examination at this month, your baby’s gender can be seen. Getting out of bed suddenly may lead to hypotension and dizziness, it will be better for you to move slower. If you have dizziness, sit down immediately, or better yet lie down. Since you have reached the halfway through your pregnancy, you may have low back pain. Refrain from tiring yourself too much. Sitting down on a comfortable armchair, supporting your low back with a pillow and refraining from standing up for long periods will be helpful. You may notice that you are taking deep breaths and sweat more compared to before.

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