21-24 Week


At the 21st week, your baby’s height is up to 23-25 cm and weight is around 300-350 g. Your baby has periods for sleep and wakefulness. His/her eyebrows and eyelashes become more distinct. The rate of growth at the first half is reduced. In addition to immunity transferred from the mother to the baby, leukocyte production starts and immune system gets stronger. At the 22nd week, your baby has a height of  25-28 mm and a weight of slightly over 400 g. Formation of the eyebrows and eyelashes have been completed, however they are white colored since they lack pigments. The liver and kidneys function. Insulin and similar hormones have started to be produced. At the 23rd week, your baby a height of 28-30 cm and a weight of 450-500 g. He/she looks like a miniature newborn with these dimensions. At the 24th week your baby has a height of 30 cm and its weight reaches up to 600 g. surfactant production starts in the lungs. Starting from this week, your baby can live outside the uterus if appropriate conditions called viability can be provided.  For this, advanced newborn intensive care unit conditions are required.


When the 6th of your pregnancy ends, your baby has an approximate height of 30 cm and a weight of 700 g. He/she can live with intensive care support even if preterm birth occurs, i.e., all of his/her organs are complete, but they still require development. The skin of your baby is wrinkled, red and transparent, its veins are visible. Eyelids are now separated he/she can open and close his/her eyes. Even fingerprints of your baby forms during this period. You can feel that your baby moves when he/she hears a noise. You can calm his/her down when you sing a song or talk to your baby. The changes in you are more prominent now. Your uterus is above you’re the line of your belly and you may gain weight up to 7 kilograms. You may experience leg cramps and notice that your ankles are slightly swollen. It is normal for you to get tired quickly. Take care to get sufficient rest. And continue to take care of your nutrition. Your abdomen and breasts will get bigger and you may have stretch marks due to the stretching of your skin; and you may also have complaints like itchiness and dryness, using conditioning creams regularly may decrease these complaints.

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