37-40 Week


At the 37th week your baby has a height over 48 cm and a weight of 2900 g. His/her brain and skull continue to grow. During these weeks, your doctor will perform a pelvic examination and determine whether your skeletal structure is appropriate for delivery, or not. Since the head of the baby entered into the birth canal, your abdomen may droop a little. We can think that the baby has completed his/her development to a high extent. He she can hear and recognize your voice. You have to avoid intercourse starting from this week. At the 38th week your baby is considered to reach his/her term and your precious visitor may come at any time during the following two weeks. His/her height exceeds 50 cm and his/her weight exceeds 3000 g.  The fine hairs covering your skin and the waxy substance called vernix are falling off. Your baby swallows these falling off structures and forms the first feces called meconium. However, if stress is not developed,  your baby will not defecate. He/she may clench his/her fists, his/her seizure reflex have developed. You may experience his/her hiccups. Planned C-section deliveries may be performed during this week. At the 39th week your baby continues to gain weight though at a slower rate. His/her height is 51 cm and weight is 3300 g. No more changes are expected from the baby who has reached his/her term. You are in the last week and you should have completed your preparations. You have finally reached 40th week. Your baby has reached his/her birth weight. Babies have a height of over 52 cm and a weigh of 3300-3500 g n the average during this week. Major findings specifying the initiation of delivery are; regular, frequent pain with increasing intensity, brown mucoid discharge that is called the bloody show and breaking of your water, i.e. rupture of your amnion sac. Most of the babies are born before this week. Be sure that your delivery bag is prepared and you have planned your delivery.


In the last month your baby takes the position of delivery within your uterus. He/she has now a weight of 50 cm and a weight of 3-3.5 kg. His/her lungs have completely developed, increasing subcutaneous adipose tissue helps in the preservation of body heat following birth. During this period, his/her brain development continues rapidly and the baby opens and closes his/her eyes. Wrinkles in his/her skin decreases and his/her skin takes a pinkish color.

Hairs on the skin may start to fall off. The creamy layer on his/her skin decreases. Now, all belongings of your baby have to be ready, it is normal for him/her to come a short time before or after his/her normal date of delivery.  Keep your bag ready to leave for the hospital, place all materials and clothes that will be necessary for you and for your baby in it. Keep a nightgown, socks to keep your feet warm, slippers and have anything that you think you will need with you ready. Do not forget to prepare your baby’s clothes. Prepare his/her room, as well. Do not forget that regular contractions that point to delivery may start now.

Only 5% of the babies are born on the exact estimated date, the remaining are born within the period of 15 days before and after the normal delivery date. You have put on a lot of weight throughout your pregnancy. You may have put on 10-15 kg. Your low back pain may increase, you may have difficulty in walking. It may be difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep at night. Try to rest as much as possible. Do not forget that you may have more frequent doctor visits during the last month. We wish you and your baby  a lifelong happiness…

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