9-12 Week


The baby is called fetus starting from the 9th week. The tail has completely disappeared and its height has exceeded 2.5 cm. Its weight is approximately 2 grams. Limbs start to lengthen; fingers and toes start to take shape. Internal organs continue their development. You may not feel yet, but your baby moves as if it was dancing. Eyes have formed, however eyelids are closed. Eyelids will remain closed till the 27th week of pregnancy. Gender organs have been formed; however external genital organs can not be seen with the ultrasound yet. You have to wait for 3weeks more to see them. Your baby has reached a height of 3 cm and a weight of 2.5 g in the 10th week and approximately is at the size of a strawberry. The liver and kidneys will start to work. When the iris layer of the eye is being formed, outer ear and the upper lip formation have been completed. During this period, due to the rapid development of the brain tissue, the sizes of the head and the body are alike. At the 11th week while nearly all of the organs have been formed and they are continuing their developments, a transparent skin layer has start to form. Its height reaches 5-6 cm and its weight reaches 7-8 g. Fingernails and toenails have started to form. The webbed hands and feet start to disappear. It can hear sounds; however it can not differentiate the voices. The 12th week is the last week of the first trimester of pregnancy. At the end of this week, your baby will reach a height of 8 cm and a weight of 14 grams. Intestines complete their transfer to the abdomen of the baby from the umbilical cord during this week. Kidneys function and the baby urinates to the amnion fluid that it is surrounded with. It drinks the amnion fluid and inhales it into its lungs with respiratory movements. External genital organs have been shaped and gender determination can be performed with ultrasound starting from this week. It might still be a little bit early for gender determination; margin of error is high at this week. Thyroid, pancreas and gallbladder function. Vocal cords have started to form, permanent tooth buds are developed. Hairs start to appear at different parts of the baby’s body and its hair start to lengthen.


The 3rd month of pregnancy is the period in which the baby continues to grow and develop rapidly. The baby has structurally completed its development. Its eyes, ears, lips, mouth and even tooth roots have been formed. Your baby can smile and frown. It can irregularly move its limbs; however you can not feel these movements yet. It can suck is thumb, swallow the amnion fluid and urinate in drops. During this period, finger prints have started to appear in your baby’s fingers. Its heart starts to beat stronger. Blood cells are produced, respiratory movements start, that is, its chest may rise and fall. These movements do not lead to respiration; however it supports the development of the lungs. At the 10th-12th weeks the heartbeat of the baby may be detected with the ultrasound. The height of the fetus exceeds 5 cm and its weight exceeds 10 g in this period. The changes that it went through in the previous month continue; it is normal for you to feel tired and sleep more. Your morning sickness may continue. If you have nausea, you can reduce it by eating small portions frequently. Enlargement and tenderness, darkening of the nipples, frequent urination are the expected signs of this period. You may have mood changes, it will be beneficial for you to explain your situation and ask for the support of those who are around you to get through this period easily.

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