What emotional changes might I experience?

These emotional changes are common. Here are some examples:

First Trimester

Extreme fatigue Pregnancy prompts your body to make a lot of hormones. These hormones can affect your mind as well as your body. It is normal to feel tired, forgetful, or moody, and you may be focused on other things like body changes, symptoms and the way your life will change.

Or morning sickness can affect your daily life. Many women feel moody. It is common to feel happy or anxious about a new pregnancy.

Second Trimester

Fatigue, morning sickness and moodiness usually improve or go away. You may feel more forgetful and disorganized than before, sometimes referred to as ‘baby brain.’ You may feel lots of emotions about things like the way you look or feeling the baby move.

Third Trimester

You may still feel forgetful. As your due date approaches, it’s more common to feel anxious about the childbirth. As you feel more tired and uncomfortable, you may be more irritable than before.

For some women, serious anxiety or depression problems improve but for those who it doesn’t you should talk to your doctor, as without treatment, mental health problems can interfere with a healthy pregnancy.

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