Can Water Be Given to Newborns?

Newborn baby care is a period of care and sensitivity. Although newborn babies are well developed and unable to enter the world, they continue to evolve in many ways. In this period, which may be the most sensitive period of infant development, it is necessary to act consciously on all issues related to nutrition and sleep. In this case, it is very important to approach newborn feeding and pay special attention to breastfeeding breast milk. So how do you meet the water needs of newborn babies?

Newborns Meet Water Need From Mother’s Milk

All the needs of babies who open their eyes to the world are met by breast milk, a valuable source of food. Mothers don’t need to hydrate their babies who only breastfeed. Water does not harm the baby. However, the main reason for not feeding the baby is to prevent the consumption of a small amount of baby drinking water instead of breast milk.

On the other hand, if the baby receives other foods other than breast milk, such as formula, it may be necessary to feed the baby. In other words, the amount of water used by a baby is not directly related to its age, but is directly related to diet. For this reason, we recommend that mothers develop these processes under the control of a doctor, regardless of the false belief that “the breastfed baby cannot be used”.

Training Cups Have An Important Function in the Transition Period

Babies need to drink water, especially after transitioning to solid food. During this time, the training cup is a great help for the mother.

– You can rest assured that you can use a cup made of PP (polypropylene) material.

– These types of cups can be found in models of all ages.

– Since the mini cup’s bottle and cup holder are separate, the training cup can also be used as a cup and bottle.

– Due to the special structure of the nipple, the Sippy cup will not leak liquid. In addition, air ducts prevent the baby from swallowing air, preventing colic formation.

– Due to its sturdy construction, it resists sudden temperature changes.

– Provide a comfortable transition for babies using bottles and cups.

Therefore, babies need water from the moment they are born. However, babies who only breastfeed can meet their water requirements for milk, just like their other needs. For this reason, it is preferred that newborn babies are exclusively breastfed and that they do not take water from the outside. You can consult your doctor after your baby is born to determine your baby’s diet.

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