Each Babys Nail Growth Rate Can Differ

Usually, mothers will encounter the biggest problem with cutting nails with newborn babies. The first question that comes to mind is when to cut the baby’s nails. In fact, there is no clear answer to this question. The first cut time of the nail varies from infant to baby. Some babies have long nails at birth, while some babies have their nails removed within 1-2 weeks of birth. Even in some babies, the speed of nail growth between their hands will vary. Therefore, it is important that the mother decides when to cut the baby for the first time.

There are special baby nail clippers and scissors for nail cutting. This nail clipper designed for babies is small in size and suitable for babies. Baby nail clippers provide easy and safe cutting thanks to curved blades and rounded edges. This type of nail clipper is made of stainless steel and is suitable for washing with water. In addition, there are baby scissors/scissors with serrated objects that do not slip out of the mother’s hands during use.

After the baby’s nail clipper is determined as needed, the baby’s nail can be safely cut. Nail cutting is an integral part of baby care and needs to be done on a regular basis. The speed of nail growth varies from baby to baby, but it is best to cut your baby’s nails once a week. However, we recommend that your mother regularly check your baby’s nails to avoid accidents.

Hygiene Requirements After Nail Cut

It is also important to provide the necessary hygienic conditions after cutting the baby’s nails. In this case, after the nail is cut;

– The hands or feet of the baby’s nails should be cleaned or wiped clean.
– The baby’s nails must be checked again. Check for deep or incomplete cuts.
– Nail nippers and scissors must be sterilized after each use and stored in a clean place for later use.

We wish all mothers a healthy and happy life with their babies.

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