From Which Materials Should Toys Be Produced?

We can say that the toys released in our country in the past decade pose a great danger to health. These toys are far from natural substances and can accumulate microorganisms, especially for babies 0-6 months old.

What should we look for when choosing toys?

Spent time with the baby and toys as important as food consumption. Buying plush toys and natural products is necessary to prevent them from infecting any disease through skin and mouth contact. Today, many toys that are economically suitable for mothers and fathers can cause health factors to be ignored. A large number of such baby toys are usually made of chemicals. Toys made of iron, glass, copper, plastic and chemical coatings can cause external factors to accumulate, leading to bacteria, microbes and various diseases. In this case, the baby may often have problems such as diarrhea, vomiting and fever. Therefore, baby toys should be organic and soft plush. In the first few months, the baby was more interested in the mother than the toy. Rattle toys can be a good choice to focus on their perception, or plush toys can be a good choice for developing their hands and body muscles.

We recommend that toys purchased for 6 months or longer always consider the educational toys. Due to the stuffed toys with music, illustrations and pleasing patterns, the baby’s perception of the outside world and development will be strengthened. During these periods, toys should not consist of small pieces that may be swallowed. I prefer soft toys that don’t have the risk of overall damage, not a few different parts. In addition, factors related to the interests of girls and boys should be considered when choosing toys. For boys who focus on cars and weapons, toys with weapons should be avoided. Rather than these toys, choosing toys with more general information will help develop intellectual and hand skills. For girls, instead of focusing on specific colors, they make a more enjoyable time by making colorful choices.

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