How do you choose the right feeding bottle and teat?

The bond between mom and baby that forms when breastfeeding is difficult to replicate, this is why you need to choose carefully when selecting a teat for the bottle. When babies are transitioning from breast to bottle, a good quality feeding bottle is key and to find one, it can be helpful to examine the type of soother you’re using first.

Choosing the right feeding bottle has a impact on your baby’s nutritional impact. So the material, length, size and anti-colonic properties should be considered as all of these play a part in comfortable feeding for your baby. However, the amount of holes in the teat is the most important, and this depends on the age of your baby.

From brand-to-brand this effects the design, for some it’s the number of holes, and for others it’s the diameter of them. For example, feeding bottles designed for newborns to six month olds, tend to have just one hole, creating a smaller flow of milk. Whereas bottles aimed at six to eighteen month olds have two holes, providing a heavier flow of milk. These bottles can also have one hole with a wider diameter. Feeding bottles aimed at babies eighteen months and over usually have three or more holes.

Feeding bottles can cause gas which causes some issues around feeding, so you can choose specially designed bottles. What’s important is making thoughtful choices to ensure your baby gets the best nutrition, and grows healthily.

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