How Should Baby Toys Be Selected?

Toy baby games are very important for their healthy and happy development. The choice of baby toys should be carefully crafted for babies, especially between 3 and 15 months.

However, this must be kept up to date with different styles and trials until they reach a certain age. In other words, mothers and fathers should focus on products that not only take time but also gain intellectual and physical contributions when choosing toys for babies. In fact, many educational models have emerged in the field of baby educational toys.

How to choose the appropriate toy for their age

Age and body are always important when choosing a baby toy. Newborn babies’ toys are usually their own bodies, they have great fun, and their hands and feet will shake. You can have fun with toys through lights and sound. The baby is very sensitive to sound and light. Therefore, you should first choose a toy that attracts both sight and hearing. Small toys can be hung on the bed, moving and making noise will help you. In addition, baby rattles will also be a good choice.

Babies 6 to 7 months old will also begin to move slowly and their space will expand. From the moment the baby starts sitting, the toy that suits his or her hand should be preferred. Healthy and harmless plush and plastic products, such as teddy bears, ensure the development of hand muscles and baby visual memory. The most interesting baby toys are rattles with pictures and bells. In addition, toys that do not harm their taste are important during the baby’s teething.

In the 8 to 12 months that the baby begins to walk, you should choose an indestructible and durable toy. During this period, collision cars, thriving balls, wheeled animals and singing toys should be preferred. This kind of toy will make your baby very happy because they are both colorful and dynamic.

In the 15th and 18th months when the baby can no longer be contained, you should try a plush toy with sound, usually in the form of a teddy bear. In addition, these toys contribute to the emotional development of the baby. Infants of this period also have the right to move from one room to another. The children began to realize that the period of surrounding events was about 2 to 3 years old. In the meantime, they prefer dolls of all sizes, puppets and character-assisted toys they can use.

When they are away from the baby and turn to childhood, you should engage in desktop-related activities at age 4-6. With the help of intellectual development toys, these activities will be enough to provide them with happiness. In particular, intelligence games, coloring activities, and character sounds from the books you read will make them very happy. In addition, due to these methods, children’s reading habits will improve in the future.

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