How should I choose a breast pad?

Leaking breasts can cause problems for many moms. There are several solutions to counter this such as nursing bras, breast shields and breast pads to ensure the smooth running of your day. Breast pads tend to be the most popular option, especially for working moms, due to their practical and portable nature. There’s lots of different breast pads available, so you can choose one that best suits you.

Comfort should be your first priority, breast pads won’t work effectively if you’re uncomfortable or if they fit incorrectly. If they don’t fit the shape and size of your breast well, they will not fit securely and may become visible under your clothes.

You should also consider their width and absorbance, this is more relevant when you first start breastfeeding as your milk flow is likely to be more irregular, therefore highly absorbent pads are better during this time.

There is also a difference in day and night pads, with night pads being more absorbent. However, a thicker pad isn’t necessarily always better. A highly absorbent thin pad will ensure dryness and won’t show under your clothes and a pad that is more air-permeable will provide a more comfortable experience. We know that choosing the right breast pad is an empowering move to enhance your self-confidence as a mom.

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