How to Clean a New Soother?

For the mother, the baby’s health is the most important issue. Mothers responsible for infant personal care and hygiene are very sensitive in these processes. The cleaning of items used by babies is as important as the physical cleaning of babies. From the clothes they wear to the bottles they use; baby products must be sterilized to ensure the necessary hygiene.

One type of baby product that must be kept sterile at all times is a pacifier. A pacifier that plays an important role in meeting the baby’s need for proper sucking is a frequently used product, especially in the first few years of the baby. Different types of pacifiers are produced according to the needs of each baby. Mothers generally prefer round-headed pacifiers, which provide an almost real breastfeeding experience based on the mother’s nipple design, as well as orthodontic nipples that support the baby’s teeth and tendons through its air intake structure. So, how do you clean the nipple for the first time after you have determined the correct soot powder your baby needs and buy it?

Although baby pacifiers are produced by considering the hygienic environment of all other baby products, even if they are precisely packaged, any unwanted materials (such as dust) may stick to the plant’s pacifier. Therefore, it is recommended that after the first cleaning, the baby can use all products related to the baby, including the pacifier. It is also very simple to clean a new pacifier for the first time before use.

– After removing the pacifier from the package, do not forget to remove the packaging residue to prevent the baby from coming into contact.

– First, boil the pacifier in boiling water for 5 minutes. When using it later, wash the pacifier thoroughly with natural soap and warm water.

– After washing, rinse the teat with plenty of water so that no soap residue remains on it.

– Make sure to rinse the pacifier thoroughly with a clean cloth and dry thoroughly.

Now, the new pacifier is ready for the baby. However, the most important consideration is to ensure the necessary and adequate disinfection of the pacifier before each use. Since the infant’s defense system for the first 6 months has not been developed enough, it is recommended to boil once a day in water to clean the pacifier for 5 minutes. After the first 6 months, repeating this procedure every two days is sufficient. Another important point to note is that boiling, and sterilization methods are absolutely not suitable for rubber pacifiers. Excessive heat will reduce the quality of the rubber nipple. The most suitable pacifier for this method is made of silicone.

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