How To Clean Feeding Bottles?

When cleaning the bottle, the food residue in the bottle should be cleaned first.

After pre-cleaning, cleaning the cap, around the nipple and bottle will make your job easier. Boiling water is the most important factor in the complete destruction of bacteria and different microorganisms. Cleaning by boiling is one of the oldest cleaning methods from the past to the present.

Feeding Bottle Cleaning Stages

In the bottle cleaning process, you must absolutely consider certain aspects and take appropriate measures. These stages are very important for your baby’s hygiene and healthy nutrition. therefore,

– The water used to clean the bottle should be boiled at high temperatures.

– Portions of the bottle should be kept in boiling water for at least 10 or 15 minutes.

– Use wooden pliers to place the debris in a clean place.

Through these steps, you can also try to clean the bottles and nipples using the steam method. Similarly, steam can keep the bottle away from bacteria, just like boiling water.

The most important thing to note when cleaning a bottle is that the product should not be cleaned with chemicals. Therefore, additives such as detergents or liquid soaps directly affect the health of the baby. When you read the warnings on the nozzle model and the bottle box in detail, you can get more information on how to clean them.

All mothers should not forget; in addition to feeding, hygiene is also important for the healthy life of the baby. Therefore, you should pay attention to the hygiene of the baby products you use.

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