How to Deal With Lack of Appetite Problem in Weaned Infants

Every mother pays great attention to breastfeeding. Therefore, although breastfeeding is a hard job, mothers know that babies will encounter difficulties when feeding in the best way. Despite all her efforts, in some cases, the mother may not be constantly milking. Sometimes babies quit breast milk due to mother’s health problems, mother cannot breast feeding to her baby when she takes the medicines. However, sometimes babies can quit breast milk by themselves as well.

The transition from breast milk to other foods in a planned manner is important to avoid damaging the baby’s diet. However, things don’t always go as planned. In some cases, babies who stop sucking their mother may have problems with anorexia.

Major Causes of Lack of Appetite

The first step in dealing with an appetite problem should be to find out the cause of the problem. In this case, it is often possible to encounter an infant’s lack of appetite for the following reasons.

– The mother’s emotions will directly affect the baby’s appetite. Anxiety or negative emotions of the mother can be detected by the baby and have a negative impact on them. In this case, the baby may lose appetite.

– Dental growth is considered to be one of the important reasons why a baby loses consciousness. In the process, babies may have a fever and their eating habits will deteriorate.

– Problems with the baby’s stomach or intestines can have a major impact on their appetite.

– Allergic reactions can also reduce the appetite of the baby.

– In addition, various external influences may disturb the baby’s daily life, and disturbing him may also have a negative impact on the baby’s diet.

Always Observe Your Baby

After determining the cause of loss of appetite, the step is to follow the baby’s development. There are charts for your baby’s ideal height and weight. With the help of these charts, the development of the baby should be followed. Also, check the baby’s diaper to see if there is a problem with the drainage system. After completing all these steps, if you can’t find a good reason for your baby’s loss of appetite, our advice is to contact your doctor and ask for help.

Therefore, the lack of appetite is the most common problem experienced by mothers who want to stop breastfeeding or mothers who quit smoking on their own. Remember, by observing your baby and taking the right steps, you can easily overcome your loss of appetite.

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