How to Use Bath Sponge in Infants

Infants, despite their beautiful smell, need to clean their skin regularly to stay healthy. So, what materials should the mother use to wash the baby? How should they wash their baby? Note that some important tips for mothers will make it easy to see that a baby shower is not a terrible process, but a fun experience. Care should be taken to ensure that all conditions and products, from bath and water temperatures, to materials used for baby washing, from baby shampoos to towels, are suitable for the delicate nature and health of the baby. In this case, bathroom supplies are one of the baby products that will greatly facilitate the mother who wants to wash the baby.

What are the Features of an Ideal Bath Sponge?

Bath sponges are one of the most commonly used products in bathrooms in the bathing tools. When buying a bath sponge, it is important to consider the following points for your baby’s health and comfort:

  • should not contain any chemicals,
  • It should have a soft texture that is compatible with the sensitive skin of the baby.
  • The sponge should have large pores so that it can absorb a lot of water,
  • should be rinsed quickly and dried easily
  • Due to temperature differences, it should not be susceptible to deterioration.
  • In addition to bath sponges made with these characteristics, sponges are also preferred by mothers because they are naturally occurring and meet similar needs.

Tips for Using Bath Sponges

Using this sponge during bathing is just as important as finding the ideal bath sponge to keep your baby comfortable. When wiping the baby’s skin with a bath sponge, gently wipe it with a small, rounded motion. The natural surface of the sponge does not disturb the baby, but increases the fun of bathing. After bathing, if the baby is washed with natural soap or baby shampoo, the bath sponge should be thoroughly rinsed to clean the product. Then dry the sponge. Therefore, the bath sponge will last longer.

Considering that your baby must bathe regularly on the first day of arrival, you should look for and choose the right product to ensure their hygiene. Therefore, baby showering will be a pleasant experience, and baby cleaning will be done in the most appropriate way.

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