Is It Harmful for Babies to Watch TV?

Technology is an important factor in making people’s lives easier. However, babies, especially those of developmental age, should stay away from the blessings of many techniques. The first is television, where people can spend a lot of time. Although the mother may plan to keep the baby from watching TV before a certain age, the reality may not always be as planned. In particular, many mothers can let their babies watch TV to keep them busy. Because they attract attention, mothers sometimes let babies watch ads to feed them, focusing on another side to easily feed them.

Keep Your 0-2 Year Old Babies Away From Television

We recommend that moms not let their baby watch TV, although this may make some of your subjects easier. In particular, babies aged 0-2 are severely affected by television. In this case, watching TV/advertising may be;

– interrupt your baby’s language development and cause difficulty speaking,

– Causes the baby to be more prone to hyperactivity, inattention or autism,

– Prevent the development of your baby’s physical and cognitive skills.

The most effective way to keep your baby away from TV is to make sure they don’t have any connection with the TV. However, each mother may not be able to prevent the TV set in the home from turning on. Here, one of the best solutions for infant development can be to prevent babies from transferring to stimulants like television by ensuring that the baby plays the game.

A Good Alternative: Baby Toys

You can make a game that attracts your baby’s attention, or you can try a baby toy that is designed according to your needs. For example, baby rattles are a good choice to easily attract your baby’s attention and solve many different senses. Because they don’t contain anything that is harmful to your baby’s health, you can use the rattle with confidence, and they can develop the baby’s grip and retention capabilities with the treated rattle model. In addition, you can start using cloth toys, especially when your baby starts to grow teeth. With their different models and colors, these toys will attract the attention of the baby, while the baby scratches the gums and they develop their senses such as touch, hearing and smell. After the 6th month, color toys introduce shapes and colors, story-telling audio books and cloth books they can feel and touch, which will attract the baby’s attention.

Therefore, it is completely controlled by the mother to prevent the baby from watching the advertisement or spending time on the TV. The more time you spend on your baby and the more time you spend, the better your development will be. This process can be managed more patiently with the help of toys designed and developed for infants.

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