What are the best breastfeeding positions?

The position can be just as important as the milk during breastfeeding. A comfortable position will allow you to relax and your baby to feed more easily.

You should always breastfeed in a position where you feel comfortable, as this directly impacts the experience for you and your baby.

The embrace position or cradle hold is generally the most popular. This involves the mom sitting on seat or bed with a pillow on her lap. The baby is held sideways, with the baby’s head resting securely on the inner part of the mom’s elbow. This position helps the baby to latch easily. Or, there is the reverse embracing position. It is similar to the above position, the only difference is the mom uses her other arm, so that the baby’s head is in the palm of her hand, and not the elbow.

Both positions are safe and comfortable, allowing for skin-to-skin contact and hopefully a positive breastfeeding experience for both mom and baby.

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