What Are The Methods Of Putting Babies To Sleep?

The two most important factors in infant development are regular nutrition and sleep. Infants who are properly fed and have adequate sleep can continue their development without problems. However, especially during sleep, the mother can have some problems when the baby grows up.

Resistance To Sleep May Increase As The Baby Grows

Sleeping may not be a big problem for newborns. Newborns sleep most of the time unless they have serious problems. However, as the baby grows, sleep needs decrease, and as the baby’s interest in the environment increases, the resistance to sleep increases. Therefore, mothers and families face difficulties in sleeping.

Mothers can solve this problem by correcting some mistakes and learning the right way to get the baby to sleep. There are many tips for getting your baby to sleep. Many different techniques have been developed by experts or mothers interested in the topic. In some methods, the baby is in a completely silent environment, and in some methods, baby sleeping music may be preferred. Our advice to the mother is to do a short study by contacting a specialist and then trying to apply the most appropriate method for the baby to gain knowledge about the topic.

What to Consider When Putting Babies To Sleep

In addition, it is important that the mother pays attention not to make some basic mistakes while sleeping.

– You should create an appropriate sleep pattern for your baby. When a routine is established, the baby can understand when to fall asleep. When sleep time passes, your baby will be confused and sleep resistance will increase.

– The mother should observe her child well and learn the small signs that the baby needs to sleep. In this way, the mother can easily understand that the baby needs to sleep and create a suitable environment for the baby to sleep.

– Try to avoid forcing and restraining the mother’s behavior, such as shaking, hug the baby and let them fall asleep. Some methods used by mothers can easily become a habit of babies, and mothers may find it more difficult to create a continuous pattern of sleep.

– You can sing a lullaby for your baby and make them feel like you are with them. They will feel safe.

– Your baby should not shake/swing/shake to fall asleep. This exercise can harm the baby because the head is not fully developed.

In addition, it is important to pay attention to the physiological state of the baby who is suitable for sleep. In this case, letting the baby’s air passage open means providing the baby with a more comfortable and quality sleep. A mother with a blocked baby’s nose can use a nasal aspirator. We recommend the use of a nasal aspirator made of silicone, which is a durable and tasteless substance.

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