What is a breast pad for?

Breastfeeding is often a source of pride and satisfaction for lots of moms. Breastfeeding empowers you to provide a source of health and nutrition for your baby when it needs it most. However, looking after yourself, your needs and feeling good is just an important part of motherhood as anything else. This is why you might find a breast pad is an important tool for you. Breast pads can rescue you in social situations or your general day-to-day. They help the area around your breast to stay dry, helping you to stay confident and comfortable.

Everything begins with the hormone prolactin which is secreted after giving birth. It is responsible for the production and secretion of breast milk, and this hormone triggers the gland cells in the breast,. Stimulated even if the baby is full, the breast will continue to produce milk. This can be managed by pumping and storing the excess milk. However excess milk can result in leakages which can show through clothes, which can potentially lead to embarrassment.

Breast pads, along with a nursing bra and breast shields, offer a solution to this unwanted surprise, and are by far the most practical option. They have a strong absorbent quality, soaking in the leaked milk, and ensure your clothes stay dry. They are normally packed individually meaning they’re stay hygienic and portable when on-the-go. Most are not visible under clothing, offering you a subte and practical solution for your day-to-day.

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