What Is the Reason for Needing to Drink Water While Breastfeeding?

Entire food and water need of the baby is met by breast milk for a certain period of time. Therefore, regular production of breast milk is of vital importance for the baby. The mother has to take care of herself, as she takes care of her baby. Breastfeeding mothers, who are aware of their own needs, actually respond to their baby’s needs by meeting their own. As the mother produces milk and gives it to her baby, her body loses water. The mother, whose need for liquid increases, has to make its body gain the liquid she lost. In this regard, considering that the basic content of breast milk is water, breastfeeding mothers are recommended to consume plenty of water. Because baby care is a tiring and never-ending job, the mother may be exhausted in this process and may avoid meeting her own needs adequately and timely.

To prevent the mother from having weaknesses in meeting her need for liquid, our recommendation to the breastfeeding mothers is to constantly keep water in easily accessible places. For example, mother will get thirstier and she will want to drink water during breastfeeding. If she interrupts breastfeeding process to meet this need of hers, this may disturb the baby. Mothers generally avoid their need and keep feeding their babies. However, one must never forget that the mother’s nutrition and quality of milk are closely related. Milk quality of the mother, who meets her need for mother timely and properly will be higher. You do not need to consume water only, to meet the need for liquid. You can meet your need for liquids healthily also with fruit juices that you can prepare with the fruits and vegetables of the season.

We strongly recommend you to stay away from not only non-decaf coffee and tea, but also fizzy drinks and beverages containing sugar, during breastfeeding period. The mother’s mechanism is programmed to constantly produce milk in the breastfeeding period. Even if the baby is breastfed regularly and frequently, breast milk generally increases, accumulates in the breasts and disturbs the mother.

Manual and automatic breast pumps are the important products that help mothers in this issue. By choosing the milk pumps addressing her own need, the mother can pump the excess milk secreted by the body and store it to use later.

Consequently, increasing your quality of life will automatically increase your baby’s quality of life. Keep in mind this equation, take a good care of you and meet your needs timely.

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