What makes a good sippy cup?

A suitable sippy cup should be designed with the baby’s use and comfort in mind, with colorful cups being a good starting point to attract your baby’s attention.

Sippy cups for newborns need to be heat resistant and the right size, ideally they should be made from soda-lime glass, as this is safer and hygienic. In terms of the teat, for newborns should have just one hole, which will closely reflect the milk amount they would get from breastfeeding.

We recommend initially using exercise cups with double handles, this ensures the baby can grasp the cup easily and access the teat independently.  Then depending on your baby, you can start to use different types of cups, as well as giving fruit juice and milk in addition to water inside.

You can use the cup instead of a feeding bottle at meal time, as this will help speed up the transition process, as ideally you want this time to be fuss-free and healthy for your baby.

If you take into consideration these recommendations, as well as a carefully chosen product, your baby should gradually get used to drinking from a sippy cup.

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