What Should Be Considered In Neonatal Nutrition?

Mothers need to have the right information to promote the development of the baby in an ideal way. It is very important that mothers pay special attention to newborn care. After consulting with the doctor, the mother can manage the process she needs to carefully plan from neonatal nutrition to sleep. In fact, if a newborn baby sucks on her mother, breast milk may be the only food source for the baby. Infants do not need any other nutrients until they reach a certain level of maturity in breast milk.

What Should a Breastfeeding Mother Consider?

In this way, a baby who opens a new eye to the world needs to be built on the breast milk of the diet. In this case, the main points that the mother should pay attention to are:

– Breast milk is produced by the mother’s body. Therefore, the mother’s diet directly affects the quantity and quality of milk. It is important that the mother consider this fact to take care of her nutrition.

– Newborn babies often suck their mothers during the day with very little feeding. In this case, the mother may need to breastfeed 8 to 12 times a day. This is a very tiring process for the mother. The mother can milk herself and breastfeed the bottle while the baby is resting.

– Mothers should not work too hard. The mother’s first breastfeeding may have mastitis or nipple cracking. This may cause the mother to feel extreme pain during breastfeeding and stop breastfeeding in the future.

– The mother’s diet and the air swallowed by the baby while sucking may cause the baby to gasify. This problem, also known as colic, can bother the baby, causing sleep and eating disorders. Therefore, it is important that the mother pay attention to her diet.

Baby Products Are Your Greatest Helpers

There are many baby products that can help mothers solve problems during breastfeeding. With these products, the mother can make the baby feel more comfortable. Within this framework,

– Use an anti-colic bottle to prevent babies from getting painful. Through the passage in the nipple, the bottle prevents the baby from swallowing air during feeding.

– Silicone breast protectors allow mothers, especially ruptured or stimulated mothers, to breastfeed their babies for long periods of time without feeling pain.

– Breast pumps are produced in manual and electric models, allowing the mother to preserve milk.

In short, mothers can take care of newborn babies in the best possible way by considering a number of points and using special baby products for special care.

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