What Should Be Done In Case Of Odor In Training Cups?

From the birth of the baby, the mother will provide all the food needed for the baby through breastfeeding. Infants, getting breast milk correctly and fully, accomplish their development physically and mentally in the best possible way. However, in some cases, the mother may have to give her baby extra food and her breast milk, although she does not like it. With extra food, your baby’s need for water increases. In this case, mothers usually prefer baby bottles, but they also use specially developed training cups for babies. At the same time, as babies grow, the demand for water will increase, and it is important to encourage them to drink their own water. When you place these colorful sippy cups in a place that your baby can reach, these cups will catch your baby’s attention and he/she will want to drink and drink it. This way, your baby will be able to fully meet their water needs during the day.

What Are Glass Properties and What is the Cause of Odor in These Products?

Because it’s easy to use, your baby will comfortably get used to the sippy cup and can also be used as a bottle. For mothers, drinking cups are essential by providing a leak-free drinking experience and leak-free function. After exploring the water, each baby wants to drink water with the glass. The Sippy Cup is compatible with these sports for babies. They do not leak or drip. However, hygiene is very important in sports glasses, just like every baby product.

Considering the needs of babies, sports glasses are made from two different raw materials: glass and polypropylene (pp). A glass made of soda-lime glass is suitable for the health of the baby and has a natural structure. In addition, glass will not be smelled due to its nature. Easy to clean and practical. The body made of polypropylene is healthy and has no odor.

Don’t Let Drinks Wait in Glasses For Too Long

However, by its nature, when the beverage is stored for too long, the beverage may produce an odor in the cup or bottle. This is due to bacterial growth, not the quality of the products you use. In short, you should be careful not to put drinks (water, juice, milk) in a closed container, such as a straw or training cup. All equipment needs to be cleaned every time it is used. Even if the material is glass, it is not washed frequently, some liquid remains inside; the air entering the cup, saliva secretions and water can be mixed, so bacteria can be formed and odor can occur.

Therefore, if you prefer to use sippy cups or training cups made of glass or polypropylene according to your preference and use them according to their instructions, you will gain hygiene experience without odor problems.

We hope that all mothers will live happily together with their babies.

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