What Should Be Done to Prevent Vomiting in Infants?

Babies are very delicate creatures. This is why mothers often observe her baby and make her feel comfortable. However, in some cases, the baby may be disturbed and the mother may be worried. Infant vomiting is the most common condition in such cases. Ok, why do babies vomit?

Vomiting is a Sign, not a Disease

Infants may vomit because they are forced, or may vomit because of illness. Therefore, vomiting in infants is considered a sign or symptom, not a disease. At this time the mother’s task is to correctly observe why her child is vomiting.

Always Apply Your Doctor When You Observe An Abnormal Condition

If the baby vomits due to being forced, this type of vomiting is called physiological and does not present any danger. Physiological vomiting is common in newborns. This vomiting in the form of an intermediary is normal, but we recommend that the mother should contact the doctor immediately if the baby has trouble with vomiting or vomiting. In this regard, the mother needs to know the cause of the baby’s vomiting.

What Should Be Done to Reduce Vomiting?

In order to reduce the normal physiological vomiting, mothers can use some methods.

– If possible, infants should always breastfeed.

– If there is a problem with breastfeeding, choose vomiting prevention food.

– Infants who have been fed must be degassed and the mother should not immediately drop the baby.

– As vomiting can cause water loss, the mother should give her a small amount of water to vomit. However, this should not be done immediately after vomiting, and the baby’s stomach should rest.

– Mothers must feed their baby in less time than ever before and give the digestive system a chance to rest.

Since babies can vomit everywhere, we recommend that mothers carry wet towels in baby care bags. In addition to wet towels designed for newborns, wipes are provided for babies of all ages. When purchasing such products, we recommend that they have a cotton structure that is free of alcohol or perfume and is suitable for your baby’s sensitive skin. Thanks to these practical products, the mother can provide baby’s hygiene and cleanliness quickly and practically.

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