What Should Be The Ideal Temperature In The Rooms Where Babies Are Located?

Baby care requires care and attention. Therefore, the mother will have a period of intense working hours after birth. A mother who is responsible for all the needs of the baby should also provide her with a suitable environment. From the temperature of the room to the humidity, many factors directly affect the baby’s development. For example, room temperature above or below ideal values can have different effects on infants.

Why Is Room Temperature Important?

If the baby’s room is hotter than normal;

– The humidity in the room is lowered and the indoor air is dry.

– Infants with respiratory and dry air are affected,

– The baby has a problem such as a stuffy nose and the sleep order is interrupted.

– The baby feels that they need to sleep continuously because of the high temperature. The baby’s daily life, especially their diet, will be disrupted;

– The baby sweats and becomes more susceptible to illness.

If the baby’s room is colder than normal;

– A cold can adversely affect the development of the baby.

– Babies may catch a cold, and their sleep, diet and drinking patterns will be broken.

– If the baby’s clothing is more than normal, the baby will sweat and become more susceptible to illness.

As mentioned above, it is important that the baby’s ambient temperature is moderate. So what is the ideal temperature?

What Is The Ideal Temperature For A Baby?

The ideal temperature for a baby room is between 20 and 24 degrees. For newborn babies, this range is 22-24 degrees, and after 6 months, the ideal temperature drops to 20-21 degrees. If these temperatures are lowered by 1 degree during the night, it is considered to be ideal.

There is a specially designed thermometer to measure the temperature of the room. The room temperature meter does not contain mercury like a traditional heat meter, and stands out because of its unique design and healthy structure. Thanks to the precise measuring system, the indoor thermometer can also help you find the ideal temperature for your baby. In this way, your baby develops at the ideal temperature in the womb and continues to grow in a happy and peaceful home at the right temperature. With very little research, you can easily find the right indoor thermometer to continuously monitor the temperature in your home.

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