What should you consider when choosing a soother holder?

So you’ve found the perfect soother for your baby! But how will you protect your soother from falling on the ground and becoming dirty? The answer can be found in selecting a soother holder.

A suitable soother will be one of your most important tools during the breastfeeding stage. However, due to the fact that your baby’s motor and brain functions don’t develop equally, your baby will toss the soother as soon as it gets bored or no longer needs it. This is why a soother holder is a must-have accessory for babies. A soother chain and holder stops the soother from getting lost or becoming dirty after falling on the ground. Just like soothers, there are a wide range of soother chains and holders to choose from.

The most important component when choosing a soother holder is functionality. Will it do the job, and do it well? You need to determine whether the holder is suitable for the soother. You also shouldn’t attach the holder to air holes in the soother. You need to select a soother holder that can be easily attached to your baby’s soother. Soother holders with a clip system are a good option, with some moms preferring not the attach to their baby’s neck area due to safety concerns.

Besides their functionality, soother holderss come in various colours and patterns, usually made from polypropylene materials. You can choose a holder than will attract your baby’s attention and is suitable for its soother.

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