What should you look for in a nipple protector?

One of the biggest fears for moms is being unable to breastfeed their baby as much as they want, even if they have the milk supply. This can happen as a result of various factors, including cracked nipples, which is one of the most common issues facing nursing moms. This is when a nipple protector can really come to your rescue!

Protectors can help moms to breastfeed for longer, especially for those experiencing sore, sensitive or cracked nipples. As they act as a shield between the baby and the breast, this means that moms who want to breastfeed, but are experiencing pain due to cracked nipples can overcome this issue.

Nipple protectors are small and portable which makes them a practical solution to on-the-go moms. Fortunately there’s a wide range available, giving you the opportunity to find the best possible option. They are nearly all made from silicon, which is an odorless and flavorless material, causing minimal disturbance to your baby. It also poses no health risk to your baby due  its durability and lack of harmful content, as well as not causing harm to your skin due its smooth, transparent and ultra-thin structure. A win-win situation for mom and baby!

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