When to Start Using Baby Spoon

Starting with breast milk, the baby’s diet becomes more important as it transitions to supplemental food. The baby’s breast milk supplement food balance should be adjusted and the baby should be properly fed. In this process, products such as baby food sets provide great convenience for mothers. You will also need a baby spoon before switching to supplemental food. When feeding your baby with vitamin D and other vitamins that your baby can use from the outside, you need a baby spoon. It is important that the newborn baby spoon tip is designed from silicone. The baby must be made of soft silicone without damaging the sensitive mouth structure. A silicone formula spoon is the ideal choice.

Why should you use a baby spoon?

The baby food set mainly includes a baby spoon and a baby bowl. With the help of these kits, the baby can feed very comfortably. Especially if the baby spoon is properly selected, the mother’s work will be very easy. The advantages of baby spoons;

– Your baby can develop the habit of eating.

– The baby is harmless because it is suitable for the baby’s oral structure.

– Eye-catching colors attract your baby’s attention, and meal time is fun for your baby.

– They can easily feed liquids and solid foods for babies,

– They have a positive impact on the development of the baby’s grip and grip.

The baby who gets breast milk takes the first step to supplement the food through the bottle. However, when the baby reaches a certain level of maturity, he or she may start using the baby spoon. Although there is no clear date on when the baby will be transferred to the baby spoon, the mother can easily make this decision based on the baby’s developmental process and needs. In general, infants start using the feeding spoon after more than 6 months. Babies are used to spoons when using spoons, and as they take food out of the plate and take the spoon into their mouths, their motor skills develop. In this regard, the mother should patiently use the baby spoon and learn time and encouragement for the baby. Therefore, your baby’s self-cultivation habits will depend on time.

How to clean baby spoons

Cleaning baby spoons is just as important as using them. After each meal, it is necessary to properly clean the baby spoon. A feeding spoon made of silicone can be easily sterilized by boiling. Spoons that are not resistant to high temperatures can be washed with warm water and natural soap. However, it must be ensured that the mother’s spoon is thoroughly rinsed after cleaning and that no soap residue remains.

As a result, the mother decides which products to use and when to use them. As the level of maternal awareness increases, the quality of life of the baby will also increase.

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