Which Materials Should Be Used In The Hygiene And Cleaning Of Babies?

Baby care is a process that begins with the birth of a baby. Mothers need to pay special attention to the hygiene of the baby. This process includes not only the baby’s physical cleanliness, but also the care and disinfection of the products it uses. In such a comprehensive and long-term work, mothers can use many baby products.

Prefer Wet Wipes for Without Alcohol and Perfume

Wipes are products that are often used for baby cleaning. Wipes and different types of towels can be used to rescue mothers from many difficult situations, as needed. We recommend that mothers choose wet towels that are chemical-free and compatible with baby-sensitive skin and do not contain parabens, perfumes and alcohol. This type of wipes and towels can be used when changing the bottom of the baby, as well as the baby’s hands and feet. For newborns, infants can be cleaned with cotton baby wipes moistened with 100% cotton fabric and drinking water.

Do Not Forget Nail Care

Another important issue in infant hygiene is nail care. Baby’s nails need to be cut regularly to avoid self-harm and keep it clean. Specially designed baby nail clippers and scissors can be used for this purpose. Baby clippers and scissors with curved blades and rounded edges provide a secure model with a serrated structure to prevent hand slip.

Ventilate Your Baby’s Scalp and Say Goodbye to Dermatitis

Baby hair needs to be cleaned and smoothed regularly. It is important to continuously ventilate the scalp to prevent dermatitis in the newborn. To this end, there are specially produced baby brushes. This brush with a rounded end can massage the scalp without damaging the baby’s delicate skin. We recommend that mothers prefer a lightweight baby comb with a wide handle for ease of use.

Babies Must Be Washed Regularly

After the abdomen falls, it is necessary to clean the baby regularly. Mothers who arrange wash intervals and times based on season and house temperature can make it easier by using specially made baby shower sponges for babies. These sponges for sensitive skin are easy to clean and dry quickly.

In short, there are many baby products that help to ensure the baby’s hygiene and cleanliness. Mothers can choose the most useful products considering their needs.

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