25-28 Week


Senses of taste and touch have developed. With the functioning of the optic nerve, the relationship between the eye and the brain is formed. The baby may react to light. You can exercise during this period. At the 26th week the height of your baby is 36 cm and the weight of your baby is 750- 800 g. He/she sucks up amnion fluid while inhaling with his/her strengthening muscles. His/her eyelids are open, he/she can   perceive light and sound and may react. Surfactant production that is important for the development of the lungs continue. You can differentiate the sleep and wakefulness periods of your baby. If you are lucky, your sleep order is compatible with your baby’s. At the 27th week your baby has reached approximately 900 g weight. With the development of his/her sense of taste, he/she can perceive the tastes of the foods that you eat if they pass to the amnion fluid. You can see that he/she is sucking his/her thumb in the ultrasound. He/she can differentiate day and night. At the 28th week your baby has a height of 38 cm and a weight of 1000 g. If you flash a light to your abdomen he/she may turn his/her to the side where you flash light. His/her eyebrows and eyelashes have developed. Though his/her eyes have color, the real color will only be seen after birth. Babies that are born during this week and after this week may be kept alive with the help of an incubator in hospitals that have a good newborn intensive care center. With this week, you have entered the last trimester of your pregnancy.


With the 7th month, you have started the last trimester of your pregnancy, that is, the two thirds of your pregnancy is over. Now both you and your baby are ready for birth. When this month is over, your baby may have an approximate height of 35 cm and weight of 1000-1500 g. He/she can move rhythmically when he/she hears music. His/her brain starts working as a newborn baby, he/she demonstrates periods of sleep and wakefulness. Sucks his/her thumb a lot and hiccups. His/her skin is still wrinkled and covered with the creamy substance. His/her heartbeat can be heard with a stethoscope placed onto your abdomen or directly by putting an ear on your abdomen. Now you can feel the movements of your baby very easily. You wait along with your baby’s weight increases, you may gain half a kilogram per week. Your balance also changes with the going of your belly. Your baby may push your ribs as he/she grows, in addition you may feel pain at your sides. You can talk to your physician about delivery during the last trimester. It is normal for you to have some irregular contractions. It will be helpful to learn about the contractions of delivery and when to go to the hospital. If you have not started preparations for delivery and for your baby, it will be better to start now. It is natural to feel excited while you are preparing for your baby. Do not feel bad if you find out that you are a little bit clumsy; clumsiness and difficulties related to concentration are normal.

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