Can you reuse milk storage bags?

Babies are very sensitive to bacteria, and have not yet developed a strong and resilient immune system. From a strictly health perspective, we would recommend that milk storage bags be used just once.

How can you stop your baby biting during breastfeeding?

Babies biting their mom’s nipples is a common occurrence in breastfeeding. This starts to happen during teething, around six months old, as it one of the more painful stages of a baby’s development.

How can you use breast and bottle feeding in conjunction?

Many moms want to exclusively breastfeed, especially in the first few months. However, due to health or physical reasons, or simply to share the feeding responsibility, a feeding bottle can become an attractive option as time goes on.

How do you use a breast milk storage bag?

Milk needs to be pumped and transferred into bags regularly (using a pumping method that suits you). You can transfer your milk into the bag by using a bottle. It’s useful to note the date and time of the pumping session on the bag, this way you know which milk to use first.

How should I choose a breast pad?

Leaking breasts can cause problems for many moms. There are several solutions to counter this such as nursing bras, breast shields and breast pads to ensure the smooth running of your day.

How should you heat refrigerated breast milk?

Breast is obviously best. However working-moms in particular, can have issues in ensuring their baby is breastfed regularly after a certain point. You can solve this issue by pumping and storing your milk safely in a BPA-free storage bag, either in the fridge or freezer.

What are the benefits of breastfeeding your baby?

Breastfeeding really is a magical time for moms and babies, creating a bond that will last a lifetime. The most important part of this bond is breastfeeding and breast milk.

What are the best breastfeeding positions?

The position can be just as important as the milk during breastfeeding. A comfortable position will allow you to relax and your baby to feed more easily. You should always breastfeed in a position where you feel comfortable, as this directly impacts the experience for you and your baby.

What is a breast pad for?

Breastfeeding is often a source of pride and satisfaction for lots of moms. Breastfeeding empowers you to provide a source of health and nutrition for your baby when it needs it most.

What should you look for in a nipple protector?

One of the biggest fears for moms is being unable to breastfeed their baby as much as they want, even if they have the milk supply.

Why should you use a breast milk storage bag?

Milk storage bags are a useful accessory to pump and store milk when breast feeding, for moms who have excess milk or are not always available to feed their baby due to work or other reasons.

How to Eat in Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is an anabolic disease that increases the demand for energy, vitamins and minerals. Malnutrition, lack of minerals and vitamins can lead to poor pregnancy outcomes...

Which Minerals are Required More in Pregnancy?

Carbohydrates; daily intake of enough carbohydrates needs to be provided from low-grain index whole-grain foods, fruits and vegetables. Water and milk should be the first choice for beverages. You should eat fruit instead of juice.

Can Water Be Given to Newborns?

Newborn baby care is a period of care and sensitivity. Although newborn babies are well developed and unable to enter the world, they continue to evolve in many ways.

How Does Reflux Occur in Newborns, What Should Be Done?

Although babies are born with a body structure that can maintain their important functions, they continue to develop. In this case, some underdeveloped organs may make the baby more susceptible to certain diseases.

How Healthy Is It To Give Sweet Food To Babies?

As infants transition to supplemental food, the problem of infant feeding is turning to a completely different axis. For breastfed babies, this valuable and nutrient-rich milk content is the only food source for babies, as babies feeding supplements need to be fed in a balanced manner.

How Long Can Breast Milk Be Kept in Breast Milk Storage Containers?

The benefits of food are directly proportional to their freshness. Therefore, we attach great importance to the freshness of the products we consume. For babies, the importance of fresh food consumption is highest for mothers.

How Should A Baby Breakfast Be?

One of the most important transitional periods for infant feeding is the introduction of supplementary food. During this period, breastfed babies are supported by supplemental foods, and the baby's eating habits and daily begins to form.

How Should Newborn Babies Be Fed If Mother Cannot Produce Breast Milk?

Breast milk plays a vital role in infant development. Especially newborn babies should breastfeed as much as possible. However, in some cases, the mother's milk may not come as you mentioned at the beginning.

How Should Nutrition Be in 6-18 Month Old Babies?

The baby grew very fast in the first two years. When the infant reaches a certain maturity, the infant feeding equation starting from breast milk is added by supplemental food.

How Should a 3 Month Baby Bottle Be?

The needs of babies change gradually from birth. At the same time as the development of the baby, it may be necessary to update the baby products they use. One such product is a baby bottle. As the baby grows, the size of the bottle and the nipple will increase.

How Should the Structure of the Spoon Be?

The transition to infant supplementation is an important stage. A balanced diet should be established for babies who are nursing mothers. During this important period, the mother has a lot of baby products that can be used.

How Should the Teat Be?

Bottles play an important role in the baby's feeding habits. The more comfortable the baby uses the bottle, the more frequent his/her feeding. Therefore, choosing the right bottle is the right solution to the mother's problem.

How and when should you introduce sippy cups?

The transition from breast and bottle, and bottle to cup can be difficult for babies. However, using feeding bottles beyond a certain period can damage the mouth and development of the baby’s teeth.

How do you choose the right feeding bottle and teat?

The bond between mom and baby that forms when breastfeeding is difficult to replicate, this is why you need to choose carefully when selecting a teat for the bottle.

How do you know when breast milk is spoiled?

Moms always want to give the best to their babies, and breast milk is the best nutrition you can give. Breast milk has countless health benefits for your baby.

How much salt is safe for your baby?

Nutrition starts from birth and stays with us throughout our lives. Babies and children need a healthy diet in order to develop correctly, and grown into healthy adults.

How to Deal With Lack of Appetite Problem in Weaned Infants

Every mother pays great attention to breastfeeding. Therefore, although breastfeeding is a hard job, mothers know that babies will encounter difficulties when feeding in the best way. Despite all her efforts, in some cases, the mother may not be constantly milking.

How to Deal With the Problem of Constipation in Babies?

Because the newborns did not fully develop their excretory system, they excreted irregularly. After each breastfeeding, the baby may have a bowel movement, but it may be less.

How to Make Babies Familiarize with Feeding Bottles?

Every baby has its own characteristics. When mothers approach their babies, they must consider their personality. Therefore, each solution suggestion may not work for every baby.

How to Use Breast Milk Storage Bags?

Breast milk storage bags can help breastfeeding mothers need more than breast milk, or need to store milk for separation from the baby during work or for similar reasons during the day.

How to Use a Fruit Strainer

The nutrients that infants consume when they transition to extra food after breastfeeding will also begin to change. In terms of diversity, fruits and vegetables are very important for infant nutrition and adults.

What Is the Reason for Needing to Drink Water While Breastfeeding?

Entire food and water need of the baby is met by breast milk for a certain period of time. Therefore, regular production of breast milk is of vital importance for the baby.

What Should Be Considered In Neonatal Nutrition?

Mothers need to have the right information to promote the development of the baby in an ideal way. It is very important that mothers pay special attention to newborn care.

What Should Be Done to Prevent Vomiting in Infants?

Babies are very delicate creatures. This is why mothers often observe her baby and make her feel comfortable. However, in some cases, the baby may be disturbed and the mother may be worried. Infant vomiting is the most common condition in such cases.

What are the Allergic Symptoms in Infants During the Transition to Supplementary Food?

Infancy is the most sensitive and vulnerable period of humanity. A mother who wants to raise her child in a healthy and worry-free way must deal with many of the problems of transitioning to supplemental food.

What are the Fun Practices in Transitioning from Breast Milk to Supplementary Food?

In the first 6 months, the baby can meet all the needs of breast milk. However, with your baby's teeth, breastfeeding is not enough for your baby. Therefore, the mother enters the period in which she feeds the baby with supplementary food.

What are the Ideal Nutrition Ingredients for 18+ Month Babies?

Infant development is a process that requires careful monitoring, and even mothers may confuse baby nutrition at certain times. In order to avoid this situation, we recommend that mothers should consult with experts. As the baby develops, the baby's needs change.

What are the Ideal Nutrition Ingredients for 6-18 Month Babies?

The transition to infant supplementation is an important stage. Therefore, after the baby is converted to extra food, the mother needs to apply the diet plan in a certain order and process.

What are the foods that should not be given to the baby during the transition to supplementary food?

In addition to breast milk, the transition to supplemental food is a process that should be carried out under the supervision of a doctor six months after the baby is completed. It is very important for the mother to know that she will give the child food.

What is an Anti-Colic Feeding Bottle?

Infant feeding is an important process. Babies must be fed correctly because they get the nutrients they need. The feeding bottle is one of the baby products that have important functions at this time.

What is the amount of weight your baby should gain?

Experts have been focusing on infant development for many years and have introduced certain standards. By creating a baby's growth table in this framework, you can easily learn the ideal baby height and weight.

What is the ideal time to pump breast milk?

Mothers want to provide mothers with breast milk in the best way, which is a very valuable nutrient. The most ideal method not discussed is breastfeeding. However, breast milk can be fed to the baby through a milk pump.

What makes a good sippy cup?

A suitable sippy cup should be designed with the baby’s use and comfort in mind, with colorful cups being a good starting point to attract your baby’s attention.

What should the characteristics of a formula container be?

The transition to baby supplements is an important stage for mothers. Although breastfeeding meets most of your baby's needs, fast-growing babies need to replenish their food. We believe that mothers need to carefully prepare the baby food they need and feed their baby.

What to Consider When Choosing a Feeding Bottle

Baby bottles are one of the most commonly used baby products in your baby's diet. Choosing the right baby bottle is very important for your baby's health and comfort.

When Can Babies Eat On Their Own?

The two most important factors in infant development are nutrition and sleep. From the birth of the baby, the mother needs to establish appropriate feeding and sleep patterns. Especially in infant feeding, the responsibility is almost always on the mother's shoulder until the baby is 1 year old.

When Can Babies Eat With Fork and Spoon?

One of the mother's biggest shortcomings is that babies are supplemental foods, and most of the time, they don't give their children food they eat. As the baby develops, their eating habits will also form.

When Should The Baby Be Weaned?

One of the most difficult questions the mother found was the ideal time for weaning babies. In addition to the invaluable benefits of breast milk to infants.

When should you start supplementary food?

Baby nutrition is an important process that requires special attention.

When to Start Using Baby Spoon

Starting with breast milk, the baby's diet becomes more important as it transitions to supplemental food. The baby's breast milk supplement food balance should be adjusted and the baby should be properly fed. In this process, products such as baby food sets provide great convenience for mothers.

When to Start Using Fruit Strainers?

The food that the baby begins to consume during the transition to extra food will constantly change. Just like adults, in order to meet the needs of fruits and vegetables, babies must switch to other foods other than breast milk.

Which Bottle Types Are Healthier?

Baby products are designed with the baby in mind and produced with materials that are not harmful to health. Mothers are very careful when choosing the bottle of the most popular baby products.

Which Materials Should Baby Spoons Be Made of?

When purchasing baby products, you must pay attention to the materials used to make baby products. Mothers prefer products that do not contain any harmful chemicals, such as BPA or BPS, and are fully compatible with the health of the baby.

Which One is the Ideal Training Cup?

The most basic requirements for air and water are air and water. Although we need air without any effort, we need to make special efforts for water.

Which Type of Bibs Should Be Preferred?

The most common complaint of mothers in infant feeding is the rapid staining of baby clothes. In particular, food stains on clothes during meals are inevitable. In view of the large number of repeated feeding times during the day, infants should be kept clean and hygienic and healthy.

Why Does Colic Pain Occur After Feeding, What Can Be Done?

With birth, especially in the first few months, a challenging period requires a mother. Due to the lack of communication skills of babies, their problems can only be determined by the mother through observation.

Why do you need to drink water whilst breastfeeding?

For a certain amount of time, breast milk contains all the nutrients your baby needs.

Are soothers harmful for your baby?

Soothers have the magic ability of lulling your baby into a sense of security and calm. The sucking instinct makes babies feel secure, so soothers can act as a useful tool. However, it’s really important to consider the structure and materials of the soother. There’s a wide range of soothers available with different advantages and disadvantages.

How do you choose a soother?

Babies often want to suck when they're not hungry, and soothers can work remarkably well at comforting your baby and calming down the crying.

Soothers Made of Which Materials Are Healthy?

Before giving birth, you have absolutely thought on which product that your baby is to use the most will be and most of you answered this question as soother.

What are the properties of a cherry-shaped soother?

Are you struggling to choose with soother will be most suitable? We want to offer a helping hand to moms, and give you a brief overview of one of the more popular soother designs, the cherry-shaped soother.

What should you consider when choosing a soother holder?

So you’ve found the perfect soother for your baby! But how will you protect your soother from falling on the ground and becoming dirty? The answer can be found in selecting a soother holder.

When should a baby stop using a soother?

Soothers can be a life-saver with a restless or sleepy baby. There are several different types of soothers available to meet the needs of your baby. Observing your baby will inform you which type is best suited.

When should you use a soother?

Soother use can cause a big dilemma for lots of moms, but it needn’t be.

What Must Be Considered in Teether Choice?

Babies start getting their first milk teeth around six months old, with most children successfully developing a full set of milk teeth by the time they’re three years old.

Each Babys Nail Growth Rate Can Differ

Usually, mothers will encounter the biggest problem with cutting nails with newborn babies. The first question that comes to mind is when to cut the baby's nails. In fact, there is no clear answer to this question. The first cut time of the nail varies from infant to baby.

How Often and How Should Newborn Babies Be Washed?

Newborn baby care is very difficult. Factors such as the mother's lack of experience, small and sensitive babies make this process difficult.

How Should Baby Bath Sponges Be?

The most important issue for mothers in baby care is the bathing. As is known, the skin of newborn babies is very sensitive. In this reason, you should pay attention to the products you will use during your baby's bath.

How Should Baby Nail Clippers/Scissors Be and How Should They Be Sterilized?

One of the problems of trying to choose the best mother for infants is the choice of baby nail clippers/scissors. Although it is difficult to cut someone else's nails, it is clear that nail cutting is more difficult when others are our babies.

How Should Baby Wet Wipes Be?

Wipes are the products most commonly used by mothers for baby hygiene. However, baby wipes should be chosen as carefully as possible.

How Should Newborn Wet Wipers Should Be?

Newborn baby care is a very sensitive process. In the past nine months, the baby has been away from the outside world in the mother's stomach and is now open to all living conditions.

How To Clean Baby Teeth

As the child is born, the baby enters a period of rapid development. With this rapid development, the needs of babies and the requirements for baby care are constantly changing. Dental growth is one of the most important periods of these changes.

How To Protect Babies Against Microbes

Your baby is not protected. You are responsible for all their care and health. In fact, this is a very heavy and significant responsibility. However, every mother manages to overcome this sacred duty by loving her baby.

How do you use a thermometer with a baby?

Fever is one of the more frequent issues moms will encounter, and your baby can develop a fever for several different reasons. It’s important to monitor your baby’s fever closely.

How healthy are practices such as the salting, washing with olive oil, etc. of a newborn baby?

In terms of baby care, the mother learned the wrong knowledge from her parents. One of them is the marinating of newborn babies and washing with olive oil.

How to Adjust the Bathing Water Temperature of Babies

You will bathe your baby for the first time and you are very excited. On the other hand, you feel the uneasiness of a job that you have not experienced but will do for the first time. This is natural. You can get the ideal baby shower experience by paying attention to some basic points.

How to Tell That A Baby Is Cold- How Should Babies Be Dressed?

One of the biggest misconceptions of mothers is that they think their children often catch a cold. Because of this idea, many mothers layer baby clothes when they are not necessary.

How to Use Bath Sponge in Infants

Care should be taken to ensure that all conditions and products, from bath and water temperatures, to materials used for baby washing, from baby shampoos to towels, are suitable for the delicate nature and health of the baby.

How to Use Ear Stick in Babies

Ear cleanliness of babies is twice as important as the ear cleanliness of adults. The sensitive nature of the baby and the rapid reaction against microbes will reveal major diseases in the future.

How to remove rash in babies?

Your baby is like a delicate flower. They need constant care. We believe that despite your sweet exhaustion, your mother will pay attention to the best details and take care of all the baby's needs. Despite this strong interest, the baby may sometimes face unnecessary situations.

Is It Harmful for Babies to Watch TV?

Technology is an important factor in making people's lives easier. However, babies, especially those of developmental age, should stay away from the blessings of many techniques. The first is television, where people can spend a lot of time.

Is It Healthy To Use a Nasal Aspirator?

A baby is dependent on his/her mother in all aspects at birth. Before a certain level of development is completed, the baby can't even meet their most basic physical needs. Therefore, the most important responsibility for baby care belongs to the mother.

Is it Healthy to Use Rash Cream?

One of the most common problems with babies is the rash. The diaper structure for infants, hygienic articles, especially baby diapers, are replaced less frequently than needed, which is a factor causing diaper rash.

Is it Healthy to Use Wet Wipes on Babies?

Wet wipes that have entered our lives in recent years have become one of the products used in our daily lives because it is practical. Because of their ease of use, mothers can also use wipes for personal cleaning of babies.

What Are The Methods Of Putting Babies To Sleep?

The two most important factors in infant development are regular nutrition and sleep. Infants who are properly fed and have adequate sleep can continue their development without problems. However, especially during sleep, the mother can have some problems when the baby grows up.

What Should Be The Ideal Temperature In The Rooms Where Babies Are Located?

Baby care requires care and attention. Therefore, the mother will have a period of intense working hours after birth. A mother who is responsible for all the needs of the baby should also provide her with a suitable environment.

What to Consider When Choosing a Nose Aspirator

Nasal congestion is one of the biggest problems experienced by many 3 to 9 months of babies. Baby nasal aspirator is ideal for solving this problem, it will affect sleep mode and feeding time.

What to Consider When Choosing a Rash Cream?

Babies are the most vulnerable and vulnerable creatures in the world. Their bodies can respond to minimal impact. The most common of these reactions is the rash. The stimulation of sensitive skin in the genital area of the baby caused by ammonia contained in feces and urea is called a rash.

When Does A Baby Start to Crawl?

One of the important stages of infant development is the crawling period of the baby. From the 6th month onwards, the baby becomes healthy and can crawl.

When Does The Umbilical Cord Fall?

The connection between the mother and the baby begins when the baby falls into the mother's womb. A baby is totally dependent on her mother and uses her tie to get in touch with her mother. This tie called the umbilical cord plays a very important role in the development of the baby.

When Should Baby Fingernails Be Cut?

A baby is dependent on his/her mother in all aspects at birth. Before she reaches a certain age, the mother is responsible for all the needs of the baby. Although each age group has its own advantages and challenges, you will understand that the mother's most troublesome period is the baby period.

When to Use Nasal Aspirator in Infants?

Because the baby is congested while sleeping and experiences continuous sleep disruption, the baby is in great trouble. These awakenings, which are often repeated, make them feel uneasy and disordered.

When and How Often Rash Creams Should Be Used?

Baby rash is a common problem, but if it is not treated, it can cause baby commotion. In this framework, the rash is a problem that requires treatment and preventive measures to prevent the rash from reappearing.

When to Use Nasal Aspirator in Infants?

Because the baby is congested while sleeping and experiences continuous sleep disruption, the baby is in great trouble. These awakenings, which are often repeated, make them feel uneasy and disordered.

Which Materials Should Be Used In The Hygiene And Cleaning Of Babies?

Baby care is a process that begins with the birth of the baby. Mothers need to pay special attention to the hygiene of the baby. This process includes not only the baby's physical cleanliness, but also the care and disinfection of the products it uses.

Which Thermometers Should Be Used To Measure The Fever Of Babies?

Although development techniques help us with our daily work on many issues, it does not affect the mother's unimaginable. Because baby products are designed for the care and needs of babies, mothers can now handle most of the work more easily than ever before.

Why Do Babies Get Seborrhoeic Dermatitis?

Mothers can't smell the baby. The magical beauty of the baby connects the mother to the baby. Caressing her baby's silky hair, leaving her mother with peace of mind and unable to describe. However, a mother who sees a pale yellow shell-like structure between her offspring's hair may be excited.

Why Do Babies Get Sleeping Problems?

The needs of babies during development vary. The baby's sleep patterns, at the beginning of this list of needs, are constantly changing according to their development. Newborn babies are awakened every two hours due to the need for constant nutrition, and they can sleep continuously at other times than nutrition.

Why Do Newborn Babies Frequently Vomit?

Newborn babies need special attention. After being sheltered in the mother's womb for 9 months, the baby will be affected by the outside world. Therefore, newborn baby care has a special place in caring for babies.

Would Using a Nasal Aspirator Harm the Baby?

The main cause of an infant's interruption during sleep is usually caused by breathing. A baby with a crowd cannot breathe healthily. This causes sleep disruption and restlessness. The main cause of an infant's interruption during sleep is usually caused by breathing.

How Often Should Teats Be Cleaned?

Hygiene is one of the most sensitive issues in baby care. The mother is responsible for the personal hygiene of the baby and keeping all the products she uses sterile.

How Often and How Should Teats Be Cleaned?

The most important thing a mother should do before feeding her baby is to make sure the bottle is hygienic. Bacteria that are not well cleaned can cause bacteria, which poses a great danger to the health of the baby. Therefore, all mothers must clean the baby bottle.

How Should Baby Aprons Be Cleaned?

Fast-stained baby clothing can be one of the biggest problems for mothers. It is usually impossible to get rid of this problem, especially during meal times. At these stages, the baby apron is produced from the delicate nature of a baby made of 100% cotton and will be a good solution.

How To Clean Feeding Bottles?

When cleaning the bottle, the food residue in the bottle should be cleaned first. After pre-cleaning, cleaning the cap, around the nipple and bottle will make your job easier. Boiling water is the most important factor in the complete destruction of bacteria and different microorganisms.

How To Clean Soothers

Hygiene is one of the most important issues in baby care. The mother responsible for infant cleansing strives to provide a sterile environment.

How To Clean Yellowing Feeding Bottles

The most important consideration in healthy infant feeding is cleaning the bottle. Mothers must be as careful as possible during the baby bottle cleaning process. During the day, babies constantly place baby bottles and nipples in the mouth and should protect them from bacterial growth.

How To Keep Baby Spoon And Formula Sets?

Your baby grows up, and as they grow, their needs increase and become more diverse. In this case, the nutritional needs of physically developing babies are increasing, and now they need extra food. If done correctly, the extra food that is transitioned to the baby will be a smooth process.

How to Clean Baby Formula Containers

Hygiene is one of the most important issues during feeding. In particular, baby bottles and baby food containers must be kept in hygienic conditions. All parents should be sensitive to this issue and apply all necessary details.

How to Clean Baby Spoons

All the needs of the baby, especially the cleaning, are borne by the mother. In addition to personal cleaning of the baby, the mother also ensures that the clothes and items she uses are hygienic.

How to Clean a New Feeding Bottle?

When you start feeding your baby, you should pay attention to cleaning the bottle and selecting the bottle. The bottle must be sterilized before use. Otherwise, you will not be able to prevent your baby from getting sick of serious side effects such as fever, vomiting and diarrhoea.

How to Clean a New Soother?

For the mother, the baby's health is the most important issue. Mothers responsible for infant personal care and hygiene are very sensitive in these processes. The cleaning of items used by babies is as important as the physical cleaning of babies.

How to Use the Feeding Bottle Cleaning Kit

Baby hygiene is one of the most important issues for mothers. In addition to providing the baby's own cleaning, the baby products used must also be properly disinfected.

How to clean teethers for first use?

Is your baby angry because you don't understand it? Does he/she seem to have no reason to have a fever? Don't worry, because your baby, you remember the first day you put him/her on your knees and smelled his/her smell, now growing and teething.

What Should Be Done In Case Of Odor In Training Cups?

From the birth of the baby, the mother will provide all the food needed for the baby through breastfeeding. Infants, getting breast milk correctly and fully, accomplish their development physically and mentally in the best possible way.

What is included in the Feeding Bottle and Feeding Bottle Teat Cleaning Kit?

Baby bottles are used for mothers to pump milk and give it to babies or transition to extra food. In this way, the baby can meet their food and water needs through the bottle.

When Should Feeding Bottle Teats Be Changed?

There is no doubt that one of the most commonly used baby products is the bottle. Baby bottles can be used for many different purposes, such as feeding infants when breastfeeding is inadequate, meeting the water needed to switch to other foods, or breastfeeding and storing breastmilk.

From Which Materials Should Toys Be Produced?

We can say that the toys released in our country in the past decade pose a great danger to health. These toys are far from natural substances and can accumulate microorganisms, especially for babies 0-6 months old.

How Should Baby Toys Be Selected?

Toy baby games are very important for their healthy and happy development. The choice of baby toys should be carefully crafted for babies, especially between 3 and 15 months.

How Should a Baby Toy Be For 0-6 Month Old Babies?

Baby toys make their perceptions, reactions and attentions stronger and will make a significant contribution to their bodies in their development.

What Are Water Teethers For?

Teething is a difficult process. The teething baby feels uneasy, depressed, feverish, and the sleep pattern is disrupted. This period is not only difficult for babies, but also difficult for mothers. The mother concentrates all her attention on her baby.

What Should Be Considered When Buying Toys?

The time spent on toys is as important as the food consumption in children's development. Care must also be taken when choosing toys that give children the flexibility, intelligence and responsiveness of their hand.

Which Type Of Toys Should Be Avoided?

Toys are as important as nutrients in child development. When purchasing toys that are important for the development of intelligence, reaction and manual skills, you must make a rigorous choice.

How should I treat a common cold when pregnant?

Unless a serious complication emerges, a cold is unlikely to affect a pregnancy, so bed rest, staying hydrated, vitamin supplements, pain and fever reducing drugs as well as nasal sprays and cough syrups can be beneficial.