29-32 Week


At the 29th week, your baby has a height of 40 cm and a weight of 1200 – 1300 g. However, since he/she is curled onto himself/herself, measurement of the height is not performed with ultrasound examination after the first 4 months of pregnancy. His senses of taste, odor and touch have developed. May react to light and sound. While his/her muscles are being developed, his/her bones harden. In addition to the antibodies that he/she receives from the mother, his/her own immune system is also being developed. Bronchus structure is being developed in the lungs and he/she is about to achieve his/her ability of respiration to a large extent. At the 30th week, your baby has a height of 42-43 cm and a weight of 1350 g. while brain development continues, gyri increase.  Fine hairs covering the body start to disappear. His/her nails can grow. He/she opens and closes his/her eyes. Blood production starts to be transferred to the bone marrow from the liver. At the 31st week the height of the baby exceeds 43 cm and his/her weight has reached 1500 g. you have entered into the last 10 weeks of giving birth. Starting from this week, the increase in weight gain is more compared to increase in height. Since his/her bone development is accelerated, his/her calcium requirement has increased. He/she can turn his/her head to the sides, you may feel the movements of your baby more distinctly. Subcutaneous adipose tissue continue to increase. At the 32nd week, you baby has a height of 44-45 cm and a weight of 1700-1800 g. Your baby takes the position of delivery which is upside down during this week and later on and most of the babies keep this position until delivery. His/her hair and nails have grown, subcutaneous tissue has increased and his/her skin took  pink color. After this time, your doctor may call you for more frequent follow-up visits. Babies that are born during this week and after that generally live healthily. The development of all organs and systems except for the lungs have been completed to a high extent. They suck up the amnion fluid that they are found within during respiration. All of the sense organs have developed.


In the Eighth month, your baby’s weight increases to a high extent. During this period, in which a short period has been left for your baby to complete his/her development, hairs and nails continue to grow. In the eight month your baby has an approximate  height of 42-45 cm and weight of 2-3 kg. he/she has periods of sleep and wakefulness. Continues to suck up his/her thumb. He/she may switch to the upside down delivery position. His/her eyelashes and hairs grow. His/her skin color turns to pink from red. During this month your uterus fills your abdomen almost completely. Your belly button could be pushed outside. Your increasing weight, slow movements, low back pain are expectable. In addition, your breasts are getting ready for breastfeeding, you may notice that yellowish milk is coming out of your nipples. Continue to drink plenty of water, keep your legs high, lie down on your left and wear supportive socks. You may have infrequent contractions in your uterus. These contractions are the preparations of your uterus for delivery. Your mood may also change. It is normal for you to focus on the birth of your delivery and being slightly anxious. Having the support of your husband and your kith and kin will be comforting. A short time is left till birth, it is not weird to grow impatient and wanting to hold your baby in your arms immediately… Be patient, a short time is left for that happy moment.

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