Are soothers harmful for your baby?

Soothers have the magic ability of lulling your baby into a sense of security and calm. The sucking instinct makes babies feel secure, so soothers can act as a useful tool. However, it’s really important to consider the structure and materials of the soother. There’s a wide range of soothers available with different advantages and disadvantages.

Firstly, you should select a soother that is the right size for your baby’s mouth, as this will ensure comfortable breathing. In terms of material, rubber and silicone soothers are the better options. They are more hygienic as they tend to prevent bacteria accumulating, and are also easier to clean.

Because babies that do not use soothers may start to suck their thumb, we recommend moms try and use orthodontic soothers. These are both flexible and designed with AIR system technology that adapts to the baby’s sucking movement, thus avoiding damage to their palate structure but remaining comfortable.

Some moms worry that excess soother use will damage their baby’s dental development as well as other health issues. However, this is rarely the case as baby’s palates and muscles constantly renew themselves. This ensures that soother use does not cause any issues to the dental structure. In children aged three and four, there have been some cases of deformations in the upper chin. Experts state that continued soother use over the age of four may experience nasal and ear issues.

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