How can you stop your baby biting during breastfeeding?

Babies biting their mom’s nipples is a common occurrence in breastfeeding. This starts to happen during teething, around six months old, as it one of the more painful stages of a baby’s development.  The baby’s lower incisors grow first, and at this time the baby is feeding by placing it’s mom’s nipple between its lower teeth and upper plate. This is usually pain-free, the real issue comes when the upper teeth begin to come through and cause breastfeeding into an ordeal for some moms. So how can this be avoided?

To solve this problem, it’s important to understand the underlying cause first. Babies start to bite due to teething, biting can even be a call for help. During this time babies can experience itchy palate and fever, biting can therefore be an indicator of pain or discomfort. In such instances, silicone nipple protectors can come to your rescue!

Protectors act as a shield between the baby and the breast, avoiding sore nipples. The baby will still be able to feed comfortably as the silicon doesn’t cause any disruption for mom or baby, nor does it feel unnatural due to its smooth texture. Protectors can help the mom breastfeed for longer, especially for those experiencing sore, sensitive or cracked nipples.

Biting can also happen as a result of a blocked nose due to a respiratory or ear tract infection. A blocked nose can make feeding difficult and as your baby becomes tired or irritable causing it to bite. An uncomfortable breastfeeding position may also cause biting, so trial-and-error can help solve this issue. Observing your babies behaviour will help you solve your biting issue.

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