How to Clean Baby Spoons

All the needs of the baby, especially the cleaning, are borne by the mother. In addition to personal cleaning of the baby, the mother also ensures that the clothes and items she uses are hygienic. The cleaning patterns for each baby product vary. Special attention should be paid to the products used in the clean feeding phase.

As babies transition to supplemental foods, feeding spoons is one of the products that must be kept hygienic in their lives. Although babies are learning to eat with baby spoons, they may often put the spoon on the floor and may bring it to a table or chair. Infants are not allowed to use soiled baby spoons. So how is the baby spoon cleaned?

How are silicon baby spoons cleaned?

Baby spoons are an integral part of baby food sets and can be made from different materials. Mothers prefer to use silicone feeding spoons because they are easy to use and structurally durable. Silicone is resistant to high temperatures. The silicone baby spoon can be easily boiled in water for 5 minutes or easily cleaned by a sterilizer. In addition, the smooth structure of the silicone prevents the baby spoon from being easily contaminated.

Do not boil baby spoons that are not made of durable materials

Compared to silicone, it is not recommended to use a less durable material to sterilize the baby spoon. High temperatures can degrade the structure of the baby spoon and the product loses its performance faster than normal. You can clean these types of baby spoons with warm water and natural soap. A baby spoon that has been thoroughly washed and properly rinsed is available for infants.

The storage of baby spoons is just as important as cleaning. There are specially designed fork and spoon containers. Keep the clean spoon clean with a spoon container. In this way, the clean baby spoon you put in the container can be easily used outside the home. In addition, due to these products, it is easier to carry a baby spoon in a baby bag.

Based on the information we share with you, you can easily clean and provide the necessary hygienic conditions for the feeding spoon, which is one of the most important parts of the baby food set you need to transition to a complementary food. Remember that properly meeting your baby’s needs not only protects your baby’s health, but also ensures that they have a happy infancy.

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