What are the properties of a cherry-shaped soother?

Are you confused about soothers? Are you struggling to choose with soother will be most suitable? We want to offer a helping hand to moms, and give you a brief overview of one of the more popular soother designs, the cherry-shaped soother.

The perfect soother works in two ways: calming your baby and developing its sucking reflex.  Cherry-shaped soothers can therefore be a good choice, as they are similar to a natural breast as well as supporting your baby’s palate and teeth development thanks to its orthodontic design.

Along with rounder models, cherry-shaped soothers can be made from either rubber of silicon, and which one you choose depends on personal preference and your baby’s usage habits.

The structure of the soother is also important, there are ventilation holes on the shield of the cherry-shaped soother, this way the soother shield does not stay wet, and doesn’t irritate your baby’s cheeks. You have the choice of a horizontal or round soother.

We recommend for hygiene purposes that you replace the soother every one to two months.

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