When Does A Baby Start to Crawl?

One of the important stages of infant development is the crawling period of the baby. From the 6th month onwards, the baby becomes healthy and can crawl. In many ways, each infant’s developmental process can change during crawling. However, as an ideal time frame, babies are expected to start crawling between 6 and 9 months. So, what points should you pay attention to when your baby crawls?

What to Consider in Crawling Babies?

– The crawling age and style of each baby may vary. During this time, it is important for the mother to encourage and not force her child.

– Need to create an environment where babies can crawl. The baby can be encouraged to lie face down on a clean cloth and put it on the floor.

– When the baby begins to crawl, the necessary safety precautions must be taken in the baby’s crawling environment. The baby’s sharp parts of the head that may be encountered during exercise must be equipped with appropriate protective devices. If there is a staircase/ladder in the house, it is important to place a suitable obstacle in front of it.

– Objects that the baby can touch while crawling should be removed.

– Mothers should also be careful not to overprotect the baby. The baby will fall or fall while crawling. These experiences that do not harm the baby are important to the physical and mental development of the baby.

Incite and Encourage Your Baby!

As we mentioned, the movement of the baby, such as walking and crawling, depends on the motor response and may vary from infant to baby. Therefore, mothers should not be in a hurry and should observe their babies. At the same time, it also plays a key role in this process when they give infants freedom in ways that do not harm themselves. In this regard, your baby will love encouraging and supportive games.

Let Your Baby Get Dirty

Let the baby get dirty while crawling. Remember that you can easily clean your baby’s hands, arms or knees with the help of baby wipes. In this case, we recommend a sanitary wet towel that does not contain alcohol and perfume. These wet towels are suitable for sensitive skin of the baby due to their cotton structure and do not contain any harmful substances, thereby preventing allergic reactions to the baby’s skin. In addition, in this case, Weebaby’s wipes without alcohol and BPA are also the mother’s most important helper.

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