When should a baby stop using a soother?

Soothers can be a life-saver with a restless or sleepy baby. There are several different types of soothers available to meet the needs of your baby. Observing your baby will inform you which type is best suited. Generally for the first six months, round-shaped soothers work best as they more resemble a natural breast and orthodontic soothers aid with healthy palate development. However when is the best time to stop using a soother?

Experts have not agreed upon a specific time to give up using soothers. It’s generally considered that once teething is complete, around the age of two, soothers should no longer be used. The basic argument underlying this belief is to avoid damage to the baby’s mouth and dental structure, as well as preventing speech disorders. Soothers can cause the upper teeth to move forwards, the lower teeth to move inwards and the palate structure to get narrower. This may cause physiological and aesthetic issues.

Nevertheless, others believe that a baby will automatically give up their soother when it feels comfortable, so you shouldn’t force or pressure the baby to give it up. Ultimately, it’s up to you when you decide that using a soother should stop. What is important is choosing the best possible soother for your baby.

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