When should you start supplementary food?

Baby nutrition is an important process that requires special attention. The transition stage of combining breastfeeding with supplementary food is easiest when mom’s have a comprehensive knowledge of baby food and nutrition.

The general agreed upon recommendation is that supplementary food be given after six months, however there are doctors who say that this can begin from about four months. Before four months, it’s recommended food not be given.

Besides Vitamin D, breast milk is completely nutritionally balanced. Therefore, all baby food needs to be carefully considered. Babies around six months old generally do not have teeth yet and are unable to chew or bite food. Therefore solid food should be avoided, instead you can opt for liquid food such as soup, milk pudding as well as vegetable and fruit purees. As your baby grows, and the teeth come through, you can give more fibrous, thicker foods, with higher protein content and slightly more acidic.

You can monitor your baby’s development with a weight table, and choose which foods to give according. Baby food pots, baby spoons, and sippy cups can all make your job a little easier.

Thanks to these products design, they contain no harmful chemicals and are suitable for easy-cleaning and storage.

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