When should you use a soother?

Soother use can cause a big dilemma for lots of moms, but it needn’t be. You can definitely let your baby use a soother safely and comfortably, thanks to advanced technologies help protect your baby’s palate and dental structures. Soothers are one of the most widely available baby products, with a wide array to choose from. They can even help encourage your baby’s sucking reflex, but you may still have some questions.

Perhaps one of the most common questions is when you should let your baby start using a soother. As a matter of fact, your baby is born with the sucking instinct in its genes, and will most likely start sucking on a soother straight away.

Although baby’s are capable of sucking straight away, most experts agree that you should not use soother’s until your baby is accustomed to breast feeding, the recommended period is about one month, in order to avoid any breast rejection issues. Moms should closely observe their babies from the moment they decide to give their baby a soother.

If any baby still feels the urge to suck after feeding, it may cause the baby to suck its thumb or clothing. We are aware that a calm baby, is a happy baby, therefore there are various different soothers you can choose. We recommend you try a round-shaped soother as these tend to mimic a breast. However, as we said, as the mom you are the one best suited to select the most suitable soother for your baby.

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