When to Start Using Fruit Strainers?

The food that the baby begins to consume during the transition to extra food will constantly change. Just like adults, in order to meet the needs of fruits and vegetables, babies must switch to other foods other than breast milk. Therefore, many mothers like to use a spoon to crush fruits and vegetables while feeding the baby. However, prior to this, the fruit was placed in the filter nipple, given to the baby’s hand and inhaled by the baby to experience the taste. Therefore, when making a fruit puree and giving it to a baby, he/she can easily adapt to the fruit and eat.

However, these methods can sometimes pose risks. No matter how careful you are, even the slightest solid foods will be ignored, which increases the risk of suffocating your baby. Therefore, the most important product you should use when feeding your baby is the baby fruit filter. These filters offer a unique solution for babies who are difficult to eat with a spoon.

ROLE of fruit filter in nutrition

The perforated silicone chamber of the nipple of the fruit filter allows the infant to inhale the fruit portion inside and feed it healthily. In order to improve reliability and hygiene, filter fruits made of silicone materials and silica gel are suitable for infants older than 6 months. During these periods, babies can eat fruits and vegetables more easily because of the existing filters and fruit nutrition. This filter, usually made of silicon, will ensure that the baby will have a healthier diet when she enters supplemental foods after 6 months.

In the general structure of silicone fruit and vegetable nipples, there are several factors that keep the baby away from various microorganisms. During these periods, almost every baby wants to throw something in his hand into his mouth. This also applies to perforated silicone nipples with fruit inside. In terms of health, we also point out that these nipples and filters that are easy to clean and resistant to many microorganisms can prevent babies from getting sick.

Finally, we recommend that you use a different color baby filter when the baby transition arrives. These filters will be ideal for their use of fruits and vegetables that are important for nutrition.

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