Which Materials Should Baby Spoons Be Made of?

When purchasing baby products, you must pay attention to the materials used to make baby products. Mothers prefer products that do not contain any harmful chemicals, such as BPA or BPS, and are fully compatible with the health of the baby. When purchasing a baby food group that is required during the transition to supplemental food, it is necessary to look at the production of materials such as spoons and platters.

Which materials are used to produce baby spoons?

Whether buying baby food or buying it separately, silicone or polypropylene spoons should be preferred. Both materials have their own ease of use.

What are the advantages of silicone baby spoons?

Silicon is also made of silica sand, which is the raw material for glass. The main features of silicon can be summarized as follows:

– Hygiene, harmless to human health. Mothers can use silicon products with confidence.

– It does not harm your baby due to its flexible and soft structure. It can be used in the 0th month. With this spoon, babies can easily learn to eat by themselves.

– Due to its high temperature resistance, it can be cleaned by boiling.

– It also resists physical stress and is not easily deformed.

Due to the above advantages, silicone baby spoon is one of the most popular mother spoons.

In addition, as the baby grows, it is best to use a harder spoon made of polypropylene after the sixth month. Although this material is heat resistant, such as silicon, which is the raw material for many baby products, our recommendation is to wash the polypropylene spoon with natural soap with warm water instead of boiling. The most important point is that after washing, the spoon must be rinsed to avoid leaving soap residue. In addition, special attention must be paid to polypropylene baby spoons that do not include BPA and BPS.

Choosing the most suitable baby food for your baby is very important for your baby to develop their own eating habits, developing retention and gripping movements, and enjoying good times during mealtimes. In this way, you can feed your baby with peace of mind and you can more easily pass the transition period.

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