Why Do Babies Get Sleeping Problems?

The needs of babies during development vary. The baby’s sleep patterns, at the beginning of this list of needs, are constantly changing according to their development. Newborn babies are awakened every two hours due to the need for constant nutrition, and they can sleep continuously at other times than nutrition. This pattern changes in parallel with the baby’s diet. It is important that the baby’s sleep pattern suits his age.

In contrast, infant insomnia is a nightmare for many mothers. A baby who does not sleep will feel uncomfortable with herself and her mother. So what can the mother do to solve the baby’s sleep problem?

There Can be Different Reasons For Babies Not To Sleep

First, the mother needs to determine why her baby is not sleeping and find out the reason behind the insomnia. There are different reasons why a baby cannot fall asleep.

– Especially in newborn babies, gas problems can cause insomnia. In this case, the mother can use an anti-colic bottle to prevent gas formation. We recommend that mothers use a bottle made of polypropylene to prevent gas formation.

– Infants may not be able to fall asleep due to certain physiological reasons, such as a stuffy nose. Mothers who use silicone nasal aspirator can keep their baby’s nose clean and make sure they fall asleep.

– Teeth are also an important factor in disrupting the baby’s sleep pattern. The gums that can be used during the baby’s teething period can help the baby relax by massaging the gums and mouth and then help them sleep. Silicone gum and juicy gums are the mother’s favorite models.

– Some babies may be very sensitive to external influences. Mothers can discover the sensitivity of their baby and help them fall asleep by creating a dull, noise-free environment for them.

– Infants may also experience sleep problems during the recession. By storing excess breast milk, it is ensured that the baby is gradually weaned, so there is no sleep problem. To this end, we recommend mothers manual or electric milking machines according to their needs.

Therefore, many factors such as the physical and mental state of the baby, the environment and the mother’s method can directly affect the baby’s sleep. The mother should be able to observe the baby’s needs and sensitivities well and provide her baby with the most appropriate environment and help establish a sleep pattern.

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