0 – 3 Month Nutrition Development

It is known that the most suitable food for the first 6 months of baby is breast milk only. Breast milk contains many compounds that are not found in cow’s milk or formula. In addition, breast milk is constantly changing in order to meet the changing needs of your baby. The milk in the morning is different than the evening milk, as well as in the first month, it is different than the 6th month-milk, so you can give him the exact nutrients that he needs.

One of the many benefits of breast milk is that it can be digested more easily than cow’s milk or formula. This way your baby experiences less gas, flatulence and abdominal pain. Breast milk contains less sodium and protein than cow’s milk, which prevents your baby’s kidneys from being overburdened.

Calcium in breast milk is better absorbed in the baby’s body. One reason is that the phosphorus content is low; When it is high, it may prevent the intake of calcium by the body.

A well-known feature of breast milk is that it is almost no allergic. However, cow milk allergy is a common problem in newborns. The problem of constipation and diarrhea is also less experienced with breast milk. Infants who are breastfed poo more easily but have much less diarrhea. Breast milk eliminates the harmful microorganisms in the digestive system and enables beneficial microorganisms multiply. It is known that babies fed with breast milk are also less likely to have diaper rash.

One of the most important characteristics is that the immune system of the babies who are breastfed is better because they take protective antibodies from their mothers through breast milk. Obesity (overweight) problems are much less in infants fed with breast milk.

Breast milk is always clean, at the appropriate temperature, ready to use and inexpensive. In addition, when you can not be near your baby, you can store your milk in the refrigerator and then give it to your baby by heating. Especially feeding at night is much easier with breast milk. There are also indications that breastfeeding protects the mother from breast cancer.

In addition to all these benefits, breastfeeding is the most important thing that strengthens the emotional bond between mother and baby. However, if you cannot always be near your baby, for example, if you start to work, anyone else can also give a bottle of milk to your baby. Or if your milk is not enough and you have to use formula, your baby will provide enough development with bottle and proper formula.

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