2 Year Physical Development

Your child probably had a few teeth when he celebrated his first birthday. But teething, like any other developmental stage, can vary greatly from child to child.

2 Year Spiritual and Social Development

Your child is 17-18. In months, he will start laughing at funny things. He may have been giving you smiles since the first months, but he will now be able to laugh by finding and understanding things funny.

2 Year Nutrition Development

While your 2-year-old now knows the taste of many foods, there is even more that he hasn't tasted yet. You must be patient when introducing your child to new foods.

3 Year Physical Development

Every parent whose child is 2 years old has heard of the famous "2 year old syndrome" from somewhere and is more or less worried about this year. You can enjoy yourself not a crisis-filled year, but a year full of exciting achievements.

3 Year Spiritual and Social Development

From the 34th month, he can recognize a friend by name. Some children may make an imaginary friend and name it. Can maintain 2-3 sentence conversations; At this age, your child will reach a level where they can chat with you.

3 Year Nutrition Development

Your child, who is 2 years old, has now tasted almost every food. Age 3 is an important age for you to establish healthy eating habits.