0 – 3 Months Spiritual and Social Development

The first 3 months are the months when babies get used to the world. During these months they learn to feel comfortable and safe. You can support him in this important process and help him to gain confidence and feel comfortable. Your baby begins to recognize and distinguish faces, sounds and smells in these months.

Thus, he tries to get to know people who love him and whom he can trust. The faces he understands that (s)he loves him will also be the ones he trusts. During this period, talking to your baby, singing to him and comforting him by hugging are the most important things you can do to ensure his trust. Another thing your baby has learned in the first 3 months is to be able to tell you what he wants. Since he can not talk yet, he will try to tell you his requests with various signs. Using his voice, facial expression and body movements, he describes his hunger, his sleep, his discomfort, his play, or his tiredness. What you need to learn is to understand what these signs and behaviors of your baby mean and meet his wishes. Understanding why he feels uncomfortable or what he likes and what he does not like will help you to develop a special language of communication between you two. When he cries, you must respond to him and understand the cause of his discomfort and try to comfort him. The first 3 months may be a period when your baby cries a lot.

Another important development is that your baby starts to understand that he can do something by using his body. You can see that he is looking at his own hands, sucking his feet or trying to turn. It will be a pleasure to explore his body, as well as give you happiness to observe your baby closely and to understand that he becomes aware of his own body.

Do not Forget:

Do not forget that each child is unique and shows unique growth and developmental characteristics. Not all babies acquire exactly the same developmental characteristics at the same time. Premature infants also show these developments later than babies of the same age group. For this reason, do not compare your infants with his peers but follow baby according to his own development line. If your baby has not shown the expected improvement in these months, please talk to your doctor.

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