10 – 12 Month Spiritual and Social Development

In these months, your baby understands more words than he can say. As he begins to understand what you say, he also becomes competent enough to fulfill your wishes with one stage and without pointing that. He can say one or two words like “mama” and “papa”. He can describe what he wants with his actions deliberately. You can continue to explain what is going on in this period to support the development of his language. For example, “I’m giving you your milk now, and then you’re going to take a bath.” You can also verbalize his behaviours and reactions; For example, when he pushes his toy, you can say, “You are pushing the toy, I think you don’t want to play games anymore. This will both support the strengthening of communication between you and his language development.

From these months, your baby may be worried when you go away and he cannot see you. But he will learn in these months that a person does not disappear when he cannot see it. You can play ce-ee game with him to support this development.

In these months, your baby likes to do the same thing over and over again. He takes an object and throws it on the floor and then takes it again. This is his trial and learning efforts. You can encourage him in that direction, too. For example, if he bangs the two cubes that he holds in both hands, show him to overlap them. Show him examples of how things work. For example, show him that when you shake a rattle, it makes a sound, or he can throw a ball. In the same way, you can show which object works for what, for example, “this is a comb, we can comb our hair with that.”

Again in these months, your baby starts to make movements for a purpose. For example, when he sees that you have a clean diaper, he can try to run away by crawling or rolling. It also shows that his memory is getting better and that he now knows the diaper and that you will soon change his diaper.

You can support the development of his senses by ensuring him to touch a piece of ice, to watch the melting of the ice, to see a paper wrinkled in your hand, listening to the sound of a plastic bottle that you fill with rice or lentil by shaking it.

Now that he can move more freely and are more curious, you will need to secure the environment where your baby is. When you eliminate dangerous objects around, your child plays with confidence and you don’t often have to say him “No”.

Do not Forget:

Remember, each child is unique and shows its unique growth and developmental characteristics. Not all babies acquire exactly the same developmental characteristics at the same time. Premature infants also show these developments later than babies of the same age group. For this reason, do not compare your infants and consider his own development line while following your baby. Please talk to your doctor if your baby has not shown the expected improvement in these months.

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