4 – 5 Years Nutrition Development

A well-fed child develops well and feels good. Proper and healthy nutrition is also important for your child’s mental health.

At this age, your child can eat whatever you eat. It is enough to make sure that he eats healthy and eats at regular times. With some simple rules, you can provide him with a healthy diet and eating habits.

Offer him a variety of foods. Eating only one type and limited variety prevents him from getting enough nutrients and vitamins. Fresh vegetables, fruits, milk and dairy products (cheese, yoghurt), whole grains, legumes, and meat and eggs are essential for a healthy diet for your child as they are for adults.

Monitor your child’s growth and development. If normal growth is showing, don’t say “your plate will be finished”. Normally, children eat as much as they can. Help him understand when he is full. This is an important habit for his whole life. Remember, too, that her portions should be smaller than an adult’s. Eating as much as you eat causes him to take more nutrients than necessary and to gain more weight than normal. Obesity is an important danger for children today and in our country.

Take care to eat with the whole family and set regular meal times. Between these hours, give your child only healthy snacks such as fruit and yogurt, and prevent him from filling his stomach with junk food. At mealtimes, all gather at the table and chat with each other and eat. Do not develop the habit of eating in front of the TV. Do not let him play games with a tablet computer, for example, while eating at the table. Healthy eating habits develop at this age.

Be careful not to consume ready-made food. This is an important rule for the whole family. Limit ready-to-eat and fast foods. Instill the habit of eating healthy and regular meals in your home. Ready-made juices and soft drinks contain a lot of sugar and calories. Avoid or minimize their consumption. The healthiest beverage is water. Don’t forget this. Don’t forget the buttermilk and milk.


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